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Asurion Honored Among 50 Most Engaged Workplaces™ in North America

Achiever’s Award Recognizes Asurion Among Top Employers in North America That Display Leadership and Innovation in Engaging Their Employees and Workplaces

SEP 18, 2018

Global technology solutions company Asurion announced today it was honored as one of the Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces™ in North America for 2018 by Achievers, an industry leading provider of employee recognition and engagement solutions.

The eighth annual award honors the top 50 employers in North America that display leadership and innovation in engaging their employees and workplaces.

“The companies we honor as the Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces have made the employee experience, engagement and recognition the highest priority. They understand how critical employee engagement is to company performance, and what a competitive advantage it provides,” said Achievers General Manager Aris Zakinthinos. “The companies on this list serve as role models for other businesses by creating an engagement strategy that cultivates a high-performing workplace.”

“Employee engagement and recognition are important parts of our culture, and help us drive a high-performing workplace that alignings our employees with our business objectives and company values,” said Gus Puryear, Asurion general counsel and senior vice president of Human Resources. “We’re pleased to be honored by Achievers for our employee engagement strategy.”

The winners were selected by a panel of esteemed judges comprised of employee engagement academics, industry analysts, thought leaders, journalists and influencers. Applicants were evaluated based on Achievers’ Eight Elements of Employee Engagement™: Communication; Leadership, Culture; Rewards and Recognition; Professional and Personal Growth; Accountability and Performance; Vision and Values and Corporate Social Responsibility.

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About Achievers
The Achievers Employee Engagement Platform combines an award-winning employee recognition and rewards solution with an active listening interface to accelerate employee engagement. Designed for today’s workplace, Achievers’ innovative cloud-based platform can increase and align employee engagement to business objectives and success. It empowers employees to recognize and reward each other in real time and aligns employees with company values and goals. Achievers connects with employees directly. It’s an always-on, open channel to hear and understand what matters to the individual, and then it closes the loop, delivering bite-sized, personalized actions for both employees and managers, so everyone is empowered to impact engagement right away. The Achievers platform inspires employee loyalty, engagement, and performance. To learn more about Achievers, visit us at Achievers is a subsidiary of Blackhawk Network Holdings, Inc.

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Asurion helps people protect, connect and enjoy the latest tech – to make life a little easier.  Every day our team of 10,000 Experts helps nearly 300 million people around the world solve the most common and uncommon tech issues. We’re just a call, tap, click or visit away for everything from getting a same-day replacement of your smartphone, to helping you stream or connect with no buffering, bumps or bewilderment. We think you should stay connected and get the most from the tech you love… no matter the type of tech or where you purchased it.

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