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Asurion Honored among Best of CES for Soluto® Tech Service

TWICE Magazine Honors Soluto by Asurion with 2016 CES TWICE Picks Award For Being One of the Most Innovative, Disruptive Products Introduced at CES

MAY 03, 2016

The magazine honored Asurion with its 2016 TWICE Picks Awards for its cutting-edge Soluto tech service (formerly Premier Support Solutions), which has revolutionized traditional tech support by providing 24/7 live, personalized U.S.-based assistance to help people learn, grow and do more with their connected technology.

Whether accessing multiple email accounts from a smart watch, transferring photos and contacts to a new mobile phone, or connecting a smart thermostat to a tablet, Asurion’s Soluto tech advisors can help customers get the most from their connected devices and apps, regardless of the operating system and brand. The Soluto service actively engages with customers throughout their journey with technology, from purchase through device renewal.

“With just one simple click, a customer instantly reaches our Soluto tech advisors, who provide trusted, go-to assistance when customers have a problem or need help or advice with their tech,” said Tim Stadthaus, senior vice president, marketing, Asurion. “The Soluto experience makes it easy for customers to get more from the technology they purchase, and reduces the amount of time they spend dealing with the issues and nuisances that can occur with their connected devices every day. And with the app, Soluto is always there, anticipating customers’ needs and providing a personalized, proactive experience that is geared to showing the customer how to do more with their technology.”

Last year more than 34 million customers were enrolled in Soluto by Asurion, with services ranging from step-by-step technical assistance to showing them how to do more with their technology.

Better Tech. Better Living. ™

The Connected Home industry is exploding, with shoppers purchasing increasingly interconnected consumer electronics and appliances. And while shoppers want to take advantage of these new connected products, a high percentage of them end up returning the products because they fail to meet expectations. Soluto’s service can help retailers reduce the impact from these types of “no trouble found” or “remorse returns,” because Soluto can help shoppers set-up their new technology and also show them how to use it, from the comfort of the customer’s home. Soluto’s revolutionary experience helps people unlock their full potential with technology so they can grow and do more to improve their connected living.

“We recognize that when technology works as expected, it can greatly enhance people’s lives. Our goal with Soluto is to show customers how to better use their technology in their lives,” Stadthaus added. “With Soluto, we’re helping customers have an even better experience with their interconnected technology, which helps shoppers stay engaged with their technology products, all while engendering loyalty with our retail and carrier partners.”

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