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Asurion Snags 2018 Forrester/Infoworld Enterprise Architecture Award

Company’s Award-Winning Digital Transformation Delivers Quick, Efficient Solutions Tailored to Customers’ Needs

OCT 03, 2018

Asurion, the global leader in technology solutions services, has received a 2018 Forrester/Infoworld Enterprise Architecture Award for the role its enterprise architecture team played in driving the company’s digital transformation to deliver fast solutions that are tailored to support clients’ needs.

Each year, Forrester and InfoWorld highlight enterprise architecture programs that make significant strategic impacts within their organizations.  The winning organizations demonstrate how their enterprise architecture teams helped their business be customer-led, insight-driven, fast and connected. Asurion’s enterprise architecture team was honored for implementing agile devops methodology using cloud-native tools, which allowed the organization’s product and development teams to quickly build and release features continuously to its wireless carrier, retail and pay-tv customers.

Forrester’s enterprise architecture analysts performed the first round of judging, then the 2017 Enterprise Architecture Award winners acted as final judges and voted for the teams they believed had the most impactful enterprise architecture story.

“We are proud to be recognized by Forrester/InfoWorld for our enterprise architecture,” said Sada Rajagopalan, Asurion senior director, enterprise architecture.  “One of the core pillars of our enterprise architecture program is to drive innovation, enabling strategic transformation of our business operations. We pride ourselves in being business outcome-driven, we invest in great talent, we take pains to build an exciting team culture, and we collaborate constantly with our partner teams.”

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