Quick and Easy Access to Tech Help. Don’t Just Take Our Word for It.

When we say customers have access to near-instant tech help, we mean it. As a leader in global tech care, today Asurion announced that J.D. Power has independently verified how quickly and easily customers can get help from our tech experts, which is saving millions of customers time and hassle each year.

This means no waiting in que to reach a live person. Instead, you can continue streaming your favorite show, or video chatting with your family. It means not being transferred and put on hold again after explaining your issue.  Instead, you can get back to unlocking your connected garage door and head inside where it’s dry and warm.

The J.D. Power 2018 Process Excellence Verification ProgramSM independently verified that wireless customers who use Asurion’s tech help service can connect to a live tech expert in under 15 seconds and, once the issue is discussed, they are on hold with a tech expert for only about a minute as technicians identify a solution to an issue.  J.D. Power also verified that our tech experts can get you up and running on your new device, including transferring contacts, pictures, videos, apps and more, in less than 17 minutes.

“Wireless customers demand fast and efficient tech help services, which is why we ensure you can access our tech experts in under 15 seconds,” said Teresa May, Asurion Chief Marketing Officer. “From setup and real-time troubleshooting, to discovering all your device’s amazing features, our tech experts help you unlock your device’s full potential quickly – so you can be more productive and stay connected.”


Fast Tech Help.

Our community of U.S.-based Experts are available 24/7 at the click of a button to offer guided phone setup, tackle any number of tech questions, and keep phones running like new for the life of the device. We also provide Asurion customers painless repair options in-store, at home, or at their favorite coffee shop, and as soon as next day replacement.

According to customer surveys conducted by Asurion, more than 18 million customers who have experienced Asurion tech help, rated us 4.8 stars out of 5.

The J.D. Power 2018 Process Excellence Verification Program is an independent validation of a company’s performance metrics, impartially determining whether an organization achieves specific objectives after going through a full audit.   J.D. Power recognized Asurion’s tech help capabilities based on customer servicing interactions.


Learn how you can enjoy Asurion’s tech help services to unlock the potential of your technology. Visit asurion.com/JDPowerVerified.


J.D. Power 2018 Process Excellence Verification Program is based on successfully completing an independent audit of pre-determined objective business performance metrics of customer servicing interactions.

About Asurion

Asurion helps more than 300 million people around the world unlock their technology’s untapped potential. We create innovative technology solutions that help keep consumers connected, from comprehensive protection to smart tech help that redefines expertise. Partnering with leading wireless carriers, retailers and pay-tv providers, Asurion’s 17,000 employees deliver a seamless, award-winning customer experience, anticipating their needs and providing tailored services reachable within one touch.