How Soluto Works

Every business tech issue begins and ends with the Soluto for Business app


Download and click

Purchase a connected product, download the Soluto for Business app, then click for rapid access to a Tech Concierge to help set up your device and make sure it works with all the connected tech in your office, no matter where it is.


Content to help your business

PLUS, Soluto offers valuable, helpful content through the app. Personalized and searchable, businesses are learning new things every day from data that we compile, categorize, and release.

When customers receive relevant content, they are more engaged over time, driving higher contact rates, lower churn, and lower returns vs. a traditional support model.

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Engaged customers have 5X more service touchpoints and much stronger product value perception compared to non-engaged, traditional support customers.

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Engaged customers have a 30% lower product churn and thus enjoy longer lifetime valuation.

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Engaged customers have a 46% lower remorse return rates than non-engaged customers.

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