Life at Asurion

Employee Profile: Gary Pitts

While chatting with Gary Pitts, Research Analyst in our Soluto Innovation Lab in Nashville, one can easily pick up on his love for technology and the work he does. Having just passed his 3-year mark with Asurion, Gary has progressed in his career, now in his third role since joining in 2013.

Asurion Careers: When did you become an Asurion employee?

Gary Pitts: I started working for Asurion in July 2013 as a Tech Coach.

AC: You’ve been in 3 roles in 3 years. Tell us about these!

GP: Starting as a Tech Coach in Nashville at the One Century location, I resolved issues for our customers via phone for about 8 months. This job was fun and I was able to directly show my skills. After that, I moved into a Tech Lead role at Crossings in Antioch. In that role, I was able to use my knowledge and assist more people at a time, help other techs resolve issues, and help them develop their own skills so that they could move up, which many of them did. After about a year, a position in the Soluto Lab opened, and after a few interviews, I was offered the Research Analyst position, which directly reflects my love for technology. I now get to research and document the latest technology that comes out, putting my skills to their best use.

AC: Tell us your day-in-the-life story.  You arrive at work, and then…?

GP: I start with mission control, monitoring systems. I monitor 16 screens for any outages, issues, or other important information that could affect our techs. Should I encounter any, I write up a priority alert based on the severity of the issue and distribute it to the techs. After my monitoring shift ends, I begin the main part of my day, which involves things like documenting new technology for the Content Publication Team, setting up new technology in the Lab, assisting with client tours, and performing lab tours for new hires.

AC: Why Asurion? What keeps you motivated?

GP: It is an amazing place to work; it is the perfect place for anyone that loves technology as much as I do. Knowing that the research I do directly helps other people keeps me motivated and lets me feel like I really matter here.

AC: What are some standout opportunities you’ve participated in?

GP: I have gotten to watch this company grow year after year and been able to help with our growth into international markets. I have helped decide on the setup of new technology and systems used in these markets and have also been able to do some traveling, helping set up our mobile labs for trade shows.

AC: What are your favorite things about being an Asurion employee?

GP: To begin, the pay and benefits are great. I work with an amazing group of people that make my job even more enjoyable. I get to see and use technology that otherwise, I may have never seen firsthand. Ultimately, this is just one of, if not the greatest places I have ever worked.

AC: What’s your favorite piece of technology?

GP: Although there is so much great tech on the market, with more coming out every day, right now I would have to say my favorite is the HTC Vive. The virtual reality headset really makes you feel like you are somewhere else and it allows you to interact with your environment. You can just reach out and touch it. It’s unlike anything before it.

Thanks, Gary and best of luck as you continue your career at Asurion!