Employee Profile: Henry Mathis

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Employee Profile: Henry Mathis

Meet Henry. Henry has been with Asurion since 2004. He has journeyed from Kansas to Arkansas to Tennessee for his career at Asurion, growing from Customer Care Representative, to Supervisor, to Operating Manager, and is now a Manager of Customer Experience. Henry has a great understanding of what it means to not only be an Asurion employee, but to have Asurion as an employer.

Read on to hear more about Henry’s insights on being a member of the Asurion team.

Asurion Careers: When you joined Asurion, what role and location did you start in?
Henry Mathis: I started as a Customer Service Representative providing technical support in our former Hays, KS office.

AC: How has your career grown at Asurion?
HM: I was promoted into a Supervisor role after being with the company for about three months. As I continued in the Supervisor role, I had an opportunity to become engaged in a number of different projects and different support teams. As a Supervisor, I was able to get a glimpse of the Operations Manager role and saw another opportunity to be involved and drive a positive culture, great results, and improve client support. This same thought played into why I applied for the Manager, Customer Experience position.

AC: Why Asurion? As a veteran employee with significant progression, what keeps you motivated?
HM: I stay motivated because I want grow professionally. The support I receive from my family helps drive my desire to be successful, because I strive to set a good example for them.

AC: How have the different Asurion sites you’ve worked at varied from one another?
HM: Each site I’ve worked in had small differences in culture and approach to organizing process and activities. What I have found to be true in each location, is a keen focus on our clients, employees, and having fun. There have been many interesting and cool things that I’ve had a chance to partake in.

AC: What are your favorite things about being an Asurion employee?
HM: As an Asurion employee, the constant change of our work and opportunities to do something different keeps me engaged and helps me continue to grow. This is definitely what keeps me with the company. Also, I’ve enjoyed all of the people I have had an opportunity to work with and meet throughout my time here.