Life at Asurion

Our Culture: The Spirit of Divine Discontent

Asurion moves fast and we are constantly heading forward and striving to reach our highest potential. Whether that is hiring the best talent, providing the ultimate customer experience, or developing the best programs, being a part of our team means living and breathing what we call “Divine Discontent”.

This is something that Todd Fryling, Vice President, Talent and Organizational Development values and encourages in his team, and he gave us his vision on what it means to him and Asurion.

A question we get a lot on the recruiting team from candidates goes something like this:

“In a couple of words, how would you describe your culture?”

To answer this question, I typically go back to our Operating Principles (listed below). We view these Operating Principles as part of our DNA—distinctive guideposts that reflect how we get work done and make decisions. For me, one stands out as a cultural differentiator—Divine Discontent.

Divine Discontent is the golden thread that underpins the evolution of Asurion from our beginnings in roadside assistance, to technology protection, to our most recent evolution as a technology and services company that enables our customers’ connected lives. The origins of the term dates back to a 1992 McKinsey Quarterly article by David Kirk, who was sharing his point of view of the qualities of world-class teams, based on his experience on one of the winningest rugby teams, New Zealand’s All Blacks. While other qualities he describes – vision, discipline, skill mastery, further describe high-performing teams, the idea of Divine Discontent stood out and has become a rallying cry for Asurion.

At Asurion, we are future-focused. We believe there’s always a better way. We stay curious. Divine Discontent at Asurion could be described as a continuous-improvement-mindset on steroids. It’s a team belief that you don’t settle for your last greatest achievement, but that you’re quickly on to the next one, always looking for a way to improve and deliver better results. What makes this Principle different at Asurion, and what I find most compelling, however, is that it’s anchored in a learning mindset. The opposite of Divine Discontent isn’t losing (although that can be a natural outcome of not having it), it’s that you stop learning. These are the attributes that have driven Asurion’s remarkable growth as a business over the last 20 years, and what compelled me to join and what keeps me here. It’s what we look for in new talent, and it’s what we cultivate in our existing talent.

Asurion’s Operation Principles include the following:

  • Open, Honest, Direct
  • Great People, Best Team
  • Debate, Commit, Execute
  • Roll Up Our Sleeves
  • Divine Discontent
  • Stay Humble

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