Tech Tips

10 Must-Have Holiday Travel Gadgets

For many, holiday travel is unavoidable and dealing with the flight delays, traffic jams and cranky passengers can be a nightmare. We’ve come up with a few gadgets that are guaranteed to make your trip more enjoyable this year.

TYLT Y-Charge

There is nothing worse than a dead cellphone battery when travelling. In the car, your cellphone doubles as the entertainer, navigator, trusty co-pilot and nearest-Starbucks-finder. In fact, 73% of people say their phone is essential when travelling. Make sure you’re never out of juice with the TYLT phone charger. Keep it in your console and enjoy your roadtrip!

Google Chromecast

Chromecast lets you watch your favorite TV shows, movies and more on TV instead of a tiny computer screen. It’s great for sharing YouTube videos and pictures with the whole family without having to crowd everyone around a tiny screen. Chromecast is about the size of a flash drive so you can throw it in your bag and take it along, no matter where your travels take you.

Audio-Technica Quiet Point

These noise-cancelling headphones are perfect for frequent fliers given their light weight and more compact shape. They are cheaper than many other options on the market right now and still deliver clear sound and balanced audio. Use them drown out sounds of noisy travellers, snoring seatmates and arguing kids.

Tom Tom App for iPhone and Android

Roadtripping it this holiday? The Tom Tom app will get you there without a hitch. The app works in offline mode so you can navigate efficiently without draining your battery or data plan. Just like the in car Tom Tom devices, the app offers voice-guided navigation, traffic alerts and alternate routes to get you through even the worst traffic jams. Save your “places” so it’s easy to get from the hotel to the restaurant and back without taking an unplanned detour of the city.


Don’t rely on the shoddy airport WiFi this holiday, bring your own. The ATT MiFi gives you instant internet access whether your on the road, in the hotel or at the airport so you’re always connected. It’s small enough to pack in your carry on and will pay for itself after just a few uses.

Joby Grip Tight GorillaPod Video

The Joby Grip Tight GorillaPod Video securely holds your phone or camera so you can create smooth, shake-free videos anywhere. The pan and tilt handle lets you adjust the position of the camera seamlessly to create a professional video. The flexible legs let you wrap the tripod around almost anything, making it ultra-portable. It’s great for documenting road trips along the way, or setting up a stationary tri-pod to film the kids play at grandma’s house.

MyCharge Portable Battery Charger

Everyone needs the MyCharge portable battery charger. It’s small enough to throw in your bag for business travel or a long weekend away and packs enough power to give you up to 18 hours of talk time. It’s got a build in USB port to charge just about anything and comes with a micro-USB cable for special devices. It even has a battery indicator to show how much juice is available.

Waterproof Tech Pouches

Savvy travellers know it’s important to prepare for everything, and today that means water-proofing all your gadgets before leaving the house. These water proof cases seal your gadgets and protect against spills in the car, leaky luggage, bad weather and clumsy passengers. If your travel plans take you to warmer weather, these are perfect pool side or at the beach. Get one in every size for your phone, e-reader and tablet.

Flight Aware App

This app is essential for those flying, and those driving the carpool route to and from the airport. FlightAware gives you information on flight status, gate changes, delays and cancellations and flight connections. You can also get a feel for how crowded the airport will be so you can allow plenty of time to get through security without missing your flight. As an added bonus, you can view your plane’s route and check out other aircraft in the area while en route.

PowerCurve Mobile Surge Protector

Frequent flyers know that outlets at airports are a rare find, so you’ve got to be wise in how you use it. The PowerCurve Mobile Surge Protector gives you 2 outlets and 2 USB ports so the whole family can charge up at the same time from just one outlet. Pack it in your carry-on or throw it in the car you are always prepared.