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15 best free gaming apps

Do you rotate through a few favorite games for a while, then get the itch for something new? That’s how we do it around here, too. We’re sharing some of our current favorite free games to play for iOS and Android, just in case you’re on the hunt for your next gaming obsession. Most of these have in-app purchases, but you can have a lot of fun (and kill a lot of time) for no money down with these 15 best free games:

1. Subway Surfers

This hugely popular game is one of the most downloaded for a reason  it’s simple and a lot of fun. In this classic runner game, created by Kiloo and Sybo, you play as Jake or one of his group of friends, running around the world’s train tracks dodging trains, collecting coins, and avoiding the guard and his dog who are chasing you. Plus, there are hoverboards, robots and new levels in space. What’s not to love? (iOS and Android)

2. Asphalt 8

As the 8th installment in the GameLoft series, Asphalt 8 has worked out the kinks of previously released racing games. With scenarios from Tokyo to Barcelona to London, Asphalt 8 provides an impressive 180 races total, with variations on classic racing such as Knockdown, which awards you points for opponents’ crashes. (iOS and Android)

3. Bejeweled Blitz

Another Bejeweled game! This one started on Facebook, and you can still connect to your Facebook account to compete with friends. If you’re new to Bejeweled, you’ll catch on fast. You match three or more gems in a row to collapse the rows and collect boosters and prizes. (iOS and Android)

4. Legends of Runeterra

If strategy card games that require skill, creativity and smarts are your thing, it doesn’t get much better than Riot Games’ Legends of Runeterra. Set in the world of League of Legends, your goal is to build the perfect deck of champion and regional cards to help you dominate the rest in head-to-head competitions. (iOS and Android)

5. Drop7

This puzzle game takes a moment to figure out but will hook you in quickly. Similar to Tetris, discs fall from the top, and you place them on the grid. Use their numbers to match the right disc to the right column if possible. If the board fills up before you explode your discs, you lose! Extra bonus: if you’re low on phone storage space, Drop7 is the mobile game for you, requiring less than 50MB to download. (iOS and Android)

6. Real Racing 3

It ain’t called “Real” for nothing. Using real-world cars and tracks, EA has captured the experience of car racing as it must surely be. Find out what it’s really like to hit a curve too fast or come up too close on an opponent’s car, or learn firsthand the frustration that comes with making necessary repairs in real time. (iOS and Android)

7. Dungeon Hunter 5

Retaining the “hack n’ slash” aesthetics of previous Dungeon Hunter installments, Dungeon Hunter 5 tracks your progress as a medieval bounty hunter, slicing up monsters and other assorted nasties with a variety of customized weapons, while you pick up loot along the way. (iOS and Android)

8. Crossy Road

Let’s face it, sometimes you just want a simple game to kill the time between subway stops or commercial breaks. Crossy Road fits that bill nicely. Modeled after the classic ’80s game Frogger, it calls on you to help a chicken cross a busy street. And with its smooth, simple controls and charmingly retro look, you get a quick hit of fun no matter where you are. (iOS and Android)

9. Marvel Strike Force

In this popular Marvel game, allies and arch-rivals fight alongside each other in epic battles for a common cause: saving planet Earth. You can pick your squad from an array of your favorite Marvel characters, from Spider-Man to Groot and Doctor Strange. With its stunning visuals and fun game play experience, this is an entertaining game for all, whether you’re a comic book fan or not. (iOS and Android)

10. World of Tanks Blitz

Choose from a selection of tanks from around the world and enter richly textured battlefields, where you’re pressed to take out opposing tanks while securing checkpoints. While World of Tanks Blitz is a team-based Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) dedicated to fierce tank combat, it can get pretty cat-and-mouse. (iOS and Android)

11. Ball Sort Puzzle

These days, we could all use a distraction from the everyday norm to help us relax. Ball Sort Puzzle is the perfect type of free game app to help you do just that. The game mission is simple: stack all the balls with the same color into a single tube. But it’s more challenging than it looks! A fun and brain stimulating game to help you pass the time. (iOS and Android)

12. Plants vs. Zombies

Grow plants to defend yourself against the swarms of zombies out to get you. Many of the classic plants from the original Plants vs. Zombies game are back and ready for action, but now with 50 new Adventure levels that have you battling zombies in all sorts of scenarios: in swimming pools, on roofs, during the day and through the night. (iOS and Android)

13. Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off

Ever wondered what it would be like to flip Krabby Patties in Bikini Bottom? Well, wonder no more. In this culinary adventure game, you get to put your chef skills to the test as you help Mr. Krabs expand his fast-food business empire. With fun challenges that let you decorate and customize your own restaurant, time management games, and an engaging storyline, it’s a great game for kids of all ages. (iOS and Android)

14. Test Chamber

Welcome Feature Image Test

Don’t be fooled by the innocent little bubble people that populate Test Chamber’s universe—this is one mind-bending puzzle game that could keep you puzzled for days on end. Players must find a way to forge a path through a monochromatic world of blocks to find the exit. This can be as simple as moving a block out of the way, but ratchets, portals, and more start popping up soon enough, making escape a highly challenging proposition. (iOS and Android)

15. Wordscapes

Wordscapes is one of our favorite free word games. It offers all kinds of free puzzle games, from word searches to anagrams and crosswords – each more challenging to the brain than the last. Sharpen your mind, build your vocabulary and play a fun, relaxing game all at the same time. (iOS and Android)

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