3 Apps that Put the Stock Market at Your Fingertips

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3 Apps that Put the Stock Market at Your Fingertips

Do you invest in the stock market? Many of us have at least a retirement account, so maybe you’ve already been building an investment portfolio or you’re interested in learning more.  These days we can learn, and do, almost anything on the Internet, including watching our investments throughout the day since the stock market changes constantly.

There are simple apps available which provide up-to-the-minute information on the stock market; no need to be glued to your television all day.  Consider these recommendations to provide quick and accurate stock information, courtesy of your smartphone:

seeking alpha

Seeking Alpha (Free on Android and iOS)

If you’re looking for great thought leadership and intellectual capital, Seeking Alpha is for you. Enter specific tickers and the app will tailor what it sends to you. Advice comes from industry analysts and investment experts, not the seller, giving you a broad view of the market.

stock twits

StockTwits (Free on Android and iOS)

Get a social media pulse check for the stocks you follow. Find out what top traders and investors are saying about the market. It’s like getting in on the locker room gossip, but that gossip can give you great insights into why stocks are moving, or where they might go next.

stock tracker

Stock Tracker (Free for Android and iOS)

This one’s a comprehensive stock tracking app, giving you live streaming quotes and alerts for DJIA, NASDAQ and S&P 500 Futures. Create unlimited watch lists and portfolios so you can view your daily losses and gains.

We can’t give you investment advice, and certainly caution against the dangers of making too many decisions based on short-term losses in your portfolio, but we hope these apps will make keeping your finger on the pulse of the market easier and more convenient.