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4 of the Hottest Phone Apps for 2016

If there’s one lesson that the start of a new year has to teach us, it is that we are living the future. And while we may not be rocketing around in jetpacks or taking vacations on Mars (yet), you might be interested to know that 2016 has brought a whole slew of smartphone apps designed to make our lives easier, more organized, more thoughtful, and more fun. Take a peek at these free apps to watch this year.

Tribe—Magical Messaging


(Free for Android and iOS)

Touting itself as the “walkie-talkie, reinvented,” Tribe is a still-in-beta app that caters to the specific yet growing audience that prefers to converse in text but doesn’t always have the time or freedom of movement needed to type what we want to say. From presenting your contacts as colorful, can’t-miss squares to taking down and sending your message via a simple, thumb-ready command, Tribe’s Magical Messaging gives you everything you need to text with one hand. And since it’s free for both iOS and Android, there’s nothing to lose in trying it out.



(Free for Android and iOS)

It’s 2016—do you still not have a password manager? If not, it’s time to look into the free 1Password, which has been surging ahead of other password managers over the last couple of years. Memorize just one simple password of your choosing to gain immediate access to all your other passwords, logins, and other vital information. Life’s too short to waste worrying about cap-sensitive password boxes.



(Free for Android and iOS)

Launched a couple of years ago but updated this past January, the free BillGuard app connects users to their online credit card statements and flags those merchants known to charge for goods and services without customer knowledge or permission. Sure, you could go through your bills with a stack of receipts saved over the past few weeks, but when you’ve got BillGuard on your side, why bother?

SignEasy (Free for Android and iOS)


Whether you’re allowing your child to go on a school field trip, refinancing your mortgage, or signing off on a big order for your small business, SignEasy lets you sign documents in pretty much any format you can think of using your iPhone or desktop. SignEasy is free for both iOS and Android, so lock in your John Hancock with a four-digit PIN and you’re on your way toward eliminating a few mountains of paperwork from your everyday life.

What are some of your favorite apps that make your life easier, or just a little more fun?