5 Apps for Your Teen

Tech Tips

Sure, your teen has Snapchat and Instagram, plus a dozen other apps that let them communicate with their friends around the clock. Here are a few that can actually teach them something, get them outside and help them give back to their community.



Help your teen discover the joy of giving back through volunteering. With more than 96,000 participating organizations throughout the country, you and your teen will have no problem finding volunteering opportunities.  FREE; iOS



Help your student track their assignments with ease using the simple and beautiful interface. The app’s cross-platform accessibility and ability to use without Wi-Fi connectivity makes this a must for organized students everywhere.  FREE – $1.99; AndroidiOS & Windows



Looking to get a teen outside and away from their gaming devices? Send them on a real-life treasure hunt. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. FREE – $9.99; AndroidiOSWindows


Guitar Lessons from Howcast

With more than 140 video tutorials, this app provides the foundation necessary for mastering the instrument. Lessons range from learning the parts of the guitar to scale patterns and playing techniques. The app includes progress tracking to help keep your teen motivated. $1.99; iOS


Zombies, run!

What’s better motivation to run than a zombie attack? This very cool app immerses you in an action-packed game and story while you run. Create your own custom playlist and the story unfolds between tracks. 40 missions included with the ability to purchase 60+ additional missions through the Season Pass. $2.99+; Android & iOS

Have some other ideas for good apps for teens? Let us know in the comments.