5 Essential Study-Related Apps for College Students

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5 Essential Study-Related Apps for College Students

By Mark Marino

With the increased workload and high expectations of professors, college classes can be intimidating. I’ve found these apps to be extremely helpful in improving my note-taking and studying techniques.


Why bother downloading Evernote, you might ask, when your device already has a pre-installed note-taking app? Well, Evernote gives you the ability to seamlessly sync files between all of your devices, including your smartphone, computer, iPad, and tablet. It also allows users to upload multiple file types such as photos, documents, even webpages. It also helps users share their notes, bringing a social aspect to the app. (Free, iOS and Android)

MyHomework Student Planner & iStudiez

These two apps help students track their homework, study time, and other academic tasks. With interfaces that are clean and simple, yet intuitive and effective, you can see your sssignments get automatically loaded in a calendar for better organization. And, like Evernote, both apps have the ability to sync content across multiple devices so you don’t have to bother with sending emails or text messages to yourself to transfer stuff from one device to another. (Free, MyHomework Student Planner is available for iOS and Android, while iStudiez is available for iOS.)

Dictionary & Thesaurus by Dictionary.com

The Dictionary.com app is filled with thousands upon thousands of words, constantly updating and waiting for users to find! Aside from searching individual words, the app also showcases a “Word of the Day” which shows up on the home screen each morning. Enlarge, enhance, improve, and maximize your vocabulary! (Free iOS and Android)

Sky Guide


Are you better at retaining information using the flashcard study method? Have you fallen victim to writing out flashcards by hand, like someone from the Stone Age? Study smarter with StudyBlue, where flashcards can be created with any device, across multiple devices. Do you type faster on your computer than on your smartphone? Simply generate your flashcards on the computer and they will be saved onto any device on which you have downloaded the app. And StudyBlue has a slew of cool features and modes, most notably Flip Cards, Quizzes, and Review Sheets. Another valuable feature is the ability to search your school and select the class and instructor in order to tap into study materials from previous students. (Free iOS and Android)

Google Translate

Built by the Google team, this app is a must for anyone in need of a quick translation. Whether you are taking a foreign language course or simply need to communicate with an exchange student, look no further. With over 90 languages to choose from, you will never be out of touch because of a language barrier. And having the ability to connect with those who feel more accustomed to speaking their language can have a huge effect on communication—not only will it benefit you, it also serves as a learning aid for those students that might want to become more familiar with English. (Free iOS and Android)

About the Author

Mark Marino is an undergraduate at Rutgers University in New Brunswick; the state university of New Jersey. Mark is entering his junior year and is pursuing a major in Economics with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Mark is currently involved in our internship program focusing on Marketing, Sales and Public Relations.