5 Tech-Friendly Tips for College

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5 Tech-Friendly Tips for College

To make sure the class of 2018 is prepared for their collegiate experience, we’re sharing some tips to get help get connected and keep you, your dorm, and your technology syllabus-ready.

1. Get Connected

Most colleges are equipped with wireless access. Unfortunately, 60% of college students will experience tech issues while at school. 85% of these will be issues with connectivity*. Moral of the story: You may want to be prepared with an Ethernet cord in case you run into issues.

2. Protect your tech

Your technology will become your lifeline in college. If it goes down, you risk the chance of missing class deadlines and keeping in touch with long distance friends and family. Surprisingly, 1 in 2 laptops will fail or be damaged. Beat this statistic with a product care plan from your retailer. It’s one of the cheapest plans out there and, on average, saves 50-100% of the purchase price if the product needs repaired or replaced. You can also file a claim on line and track your progress throughout the process.

3. On-the-go Documents

Google offers a convenient app called Google Drive that makes saving, viewing, sharing, and editing documents easy – no matter what device you’re using or where you are on campus. The first 15GB of storage is free.

4. Maximize your laptop

Sure you’ll be using your laptop for coursework and papers, but it will quickly become your movie theater, photo hub, and sound source to play your favorite tunes. Consider buying portable laptop speakers to enhance your dorm space.

5. Rely on Apps

Mom and Dad may not be there anymore to get keep you organized, but there are some apps for your tablet and mobile devices that can take their place. Apps like My Class Schedule, Mint, and Evernote will keep you on organized in class, on top of your assignments, and in line with your budget.

*Asurion consumer study data, April 2014