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9 Reasons You Really Shouldn’t Live Without a Tablet

Today, that line between technology you can live without and the things you simply have to have is disappearing. Think about it this way: once upon a time no one “needed” a cell phone and now everyone from here to Timbuktu (literally) has one.

The next item to cross that line is the tablet computer. Tablets are fast becoming as essential to life as a four dollar cup of coffee in the morning. Here are several good reasons why you simply must have one:

1. They travel well. Download a movie before a road trip and there’s no need to bring a portable DVD player. There are also games, books and music to keep you, or your travel companions (especially young and restless ones), entertained.

2. They do just about anything except iron your shirts. From Office software and education apps to those that simulate musical instruments and art supplies, there are tablet-based apps for every interest. In 2013 alone, users downloaded over 102 billion apps, worldwide¹.

3. Everybody has one. Almost everybody. Today, 40% of adults own at least one tablet. And while our parents warned us not to cave to peer pressure, experts project that more tablets will be shipped in 2015 than desktop computers and laptops combined². So, obviously, there’s more to this tablet craze than just wanting to look cool hauling one out of your backpack.

4. They are great e-readers. Manufacturers have streamlined designs, reduced weights, and improved the screens and lighting. Today’s tablets are easy to read for long periods of time and convenient to use on trains, planes, or just at the park.

5. Everyone from toddlers to grandparents can use them, which is probably why 30% of US households have at least one³. With easy-to-use games and social media, news apps, photo sharing, email and more, tablets offer something for everyone in one user-friendly package.

6. They’re so darn easy to carry around. Portable and lightweight, you can simply throw a tablet into your bag as you head out the door. They offer more functionality than a smartphone and aren’t as bulky as a laptop. (Think of them as a smart-top.)

7. They’re durable. So they can usually take whatever your rough and tumble lifestyle dishes out. When they can’t, Asurion repairs them fast. In fact, we repaired 12 million tablets last year. If yours breaks, on average, you’ll have it back in less than 3 days.

8. They’re great around the office. Whether you’re in meetings off-site or constantly running to sales pitches, tablets literally go to work well. Sleek, compact, and with plenty of power to run apps, they require little set-up time.

9. They’re fun to use. And ultimately, isn’t that the greatest reason of all to own one?

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