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A modern love story: Stephanie, James and FaceTime

Meet Stephanie — she relies on tech to stay connected to her boyfriend James as they navigate life from east coast to west coast. While they’re time zones apart, they’re never more than a message or video chat away. Her creative ways of staying connected even won her a free trip to see James through Asurion’s recent social media contest. (We’ll include her social media entry below so you can check it out yourself!)

Check out her story.

Long-distance relationships are tricky enough without a three-hour time zone difference.

Asurion's tech tips for your long distance relationship
Stephanie won a trip through Asurion to reconnect with her long distance boyfriend, James.

You see, I live on the East Coast, and my boyfriend, James, lives on the West Coast. We’ve been dating since 2016. And even though we grew up together, our entire dating relationship has been long distance.

For most of the year, we’re more than 2,000 miles apart, but as silly as it may sound, tech actually makes us feel not so far away from each other. I know we all hear about how distracting our phones can be, how we’re the generation who stares down at our screens all day, but James and I rely on our tech to bridge that 2,000 mile physical gap between us.

How to make long distance relationships work

Long distance relationship tech tips
Stephanie chose to meet James in Santa Monica for a long weekend.

We learned right away that communication had to be our top priority. That’s true in any relationship, right? We may not be able to sit side-by-side and talk about our day, but we can still share those stories and feel involved. It’s amazing what you can share in a quick FaceTime session or even a few texts throughout he day. But the memes he sends me are probably my favorite.

One time we even tried a virtual movie date, emphasis on tried. We attempted to hit play at the same time, and FaceTime each other during the movie to watch together. It turned out not to be the best option … it was tough to get the timing right, and one of us talks more than the other (not saying which).

Reunited! Thanks to Asurion’s social media contest

Tech tips for your long distance relationship
The two went to a Los Angeles Dodgers game, rooftop cinema and so much more.

Through all the laughs, texts, calls, and memes, the most helpful thing we do is always have a plan for when we’ll see each other again. Working toward a specific date helps a lot when days get hard and we want to see each other. That’s what made winning this trip so special. It came at the perfect time.

I brought my mom, and we went to Santa Monica to visit James. We went to a Dodgers baseball game and rooftop cinema. It was an amazing experience and something we’ll never forget.

Ways to use technology to survive a long-distance relationship

Tips to keep your long distance relationship going
Stephanie and James roaming around L.A.

After the trip to visit James, Asurion’s tech experts gave us a couple more ideas on how we can use some tech devices we already have to stay connected.

  1. Video dates. While I love to video chat, I have to admit holding a phone gets tiring. They suggested I go hands free by using my TV to switch up how we video chat. I can simply hook up my laptop to my Smart TV with an HDMI cord. Some TVs even have video apps built in. That’s next on my wish list.
  2. Virtual date nights. Use food delivery apps like UberEats, DoorDash, and Postmates to your advantage. We miss our Chinese takeout date nights — now I can use one of the food delivery apps to surprise him with his favorite dish at his door! Video chat while eating our favorite meals can easily turn into a weekly event for us.

It blows my mind how people 20+ years ago made it through long-distance relationships. Can you image scheduling a weekly phone call from your parents’ land line or writing letters? I’m so thankful for video chats, text messages and phone calls that keep us connected each day. Still haven’t found an app to fix our time zone issues though, maybe one day!

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