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Are you addicted to your phone?

Like it or not, there’s a good chance you’re hooked on your phone – as we reported last year, the average American checks their phone 80 times a day. Whether or not you consider yourself an “addict,” there’s no doubt that tech dependency is at the forefront of the national conversation. Tips for disconnecting and declaring independence from our phones abound on the internet, as our behaviors indicate that we’re finding it increasingly hard to live without our devices.

In a recent Asurion survey*, we discovered that people find their phones irresistible – here’s some of the highlights:

Dependency denial

Admitting how much we rely on the tech in our lives is not always easy. In a recent Asurion survey, over 95% of participants said they felt that Americans were addicted to their phones; however, only 59% felt that they themselves were too dependent on their phones.

Survival must-have

When asked how long they could live without certain items, most respondents assigned the same length of time to their smartphones as food and water. Across generational lines, respondents said one day is the longest they’d go without any of these “must-haves.”

Counting beeps instead of sheep

70% of people said they sleep with their smartphone within reach. Even when not catching zzz’s, our phones are still in close proximity. 45% of people keep their phones in their pockets and 32% keep them “out loose,” which indicates that the majority of us are merely a touch or a glance away from our phones at any given time.

Taking care of business

Nearly a quarter of people (23%) have taken a work-related call while in the restroom, and 63% admit to rarely going to the bathroom without their phone in hand. This behavior may explain why 38% of Millennials said they’ve dropped their phone in the toilet, compared to 19% of Gen Xers and 6% of Boomers.

Asurion wants you to get the most out of your technology while maintaining a healthy online/IRL balance. Need advice on how to scale down your tech usage? Our Tech Experts can help!

*Source: Asurion 2018 Consumer Tech Dependency Survey. Asurion partnered with SSI, an online market research fieldwork provider, to survey 1,000 U.S. cell phone users, ages 18-65. March 2018.