Back to School Shopping: What Your Kids Really Want

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Back to School Shopping: What Your Kids Really Want

Back to school is just around the corner, which means kids are swapping their pool towels and goggles for backpacks and notebooks. While this will send many parents rushing to the mall with checkbooks in hand to stock up on fall clothes and supplies, a Mashable articlerevealed that parents aren’t as in tune to their kids wish lists as they may think.

In the past, new clothes have always topped the back to school shopping list, with 43% of parents thinking a new outfit was what kids wanted most. But research shows that in reality, almost half (42%) of teens listed new technology at the top of their back to school wish list.

This comes as a shock to most parents, as only 10% thought new gadgets were even on their kid’s lists- let alone at the very top.

So what do they want? Smartphones and laptops are always going to be popular. But this year, tablets are proving to be an especially hot back to school gadget, with more school systems allowing personal electronics in the classroom than ever before.

The hybrid devices offer enough functionality to be an effective learning tool, with typing capabilities, access to the web for research and all the educational games available in the app markets now. On top of that, tablets are wrapped up in a compact and lightweight design that’s easy to transport between classes without cluttering up the classroom or weighing down backpacks. Some especially popular devices this year are the iPadGoogle Nexus 7 and the Windows 8 tablets.

Warning: If you plan on doing some back to school shopping this year, beat the crowds by going early! 43% of parents hit the stores in August, with only 29% venturing out in July.