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Battery saving tips for streaming March Madness games on your phone

Let the madness begin … March Madness, that is.

For basketball fans, it’s one of the most exciting times of the year. It’s win or go home for 68 teams all trying to win the national title.

While the athleticism displayed on the court is top notch, the lengths some fans are willing to go to sneak a lil’ game-watching time while at work is pretty impressive. Whether you have cable, or you cut the cord a long time ago, millions of basketball fans stream NCAA Tournament games from their laptops, phones or other devices.

According to a study in 2018, the average employee will spend six hours watching March Madness at work. That’s a long lunch break! With people turning to apps and other streaming services to catch the buzzer beater from their desk, the potential of running up your data and running down your battery increases.

Don’t be the one left in the dark about a crazy tournament upset (will a 16-seed beat a 1-seed in 2019 again?!) all because your phone died. We’ve got you covered. Check out these tips to help your phone be game-ready in time for tip-off.

6 battery saving tips for streaming on your phone:

  1. Use Wi-Fi. If you’re using data, your phone has to work harder to find a signal and constantly update itself. Using Wi-Fi reduces the need for the phone to connect to the network and helps preserve the battery life. If you’re thinking about using public Wi-Fi, read over these tips so you know your information is safe.
  2. Lower your screen brightness. Your phone’s screen can be a major culprit for draining the life out of it. Reducing your phone’s brightness even a little can save big on your battery, which could be the difference between seeing that huge play at the end of the game and missing it completely.
  3. Turn off Background Refresh. Not only does having your apps and services constantly running in the background drain your data, it also drains your battery life. Good news! Most smartphones provide an option to monitor, turn on or off that function. To learn how to turn off the Background App Refresh on Android and iPhone click here.
  4. Check push notification settings. We completely understand that your push notifications help you stay connected. They keep you in the know about potential breaking news, how far away your food delivery is, or the final score of the game you’re watching — but they also zap your battery.Take a couple of minutes and decide which push alerts you can and can’t live without and make the adjustment. Your battery will thank you later.
  5. Adjust your location services. Location services can be greedy with your data and battery life. Check your phone’s settings to see how many apps are currently using location services. If a lot, you might want to temporarily turn them off.
  6. Turn on battery saving mode. Using battery saving mode will help extend your phone’s battery life until you can charge your phone. On an iPhone: Tap Settings > Battery > Turn on Low Power Mode. On an Android: Tap Settings > Battery > Tap the menu button > Battery saver

Remember, it’s a jog, not a sprint. There are 67 games in the tournament and you can easily watch them all on a live stream with March Madness Live.

If you need help, we’re here. We think tech help should fit your life, not the other way around. Because at the end of the day it’s about getting back to what matters most to you – and in the month of March, we completely understand if that’s basketball.