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Best Apps for Lazy Summer Days

At some point this summer, chances are good you’ll find yourself with a little time on your hands. Maybe you’ll be on vacation, maybe just hanging out at home with nothing to do. Ah, summer!

It’s amazing how fast the feeling of having nothing to do gets old. There’s boredom, right around the corner. Sure, you could reach for that book you’ve been meaning to read, but maybe you’re not ready for that level of commitment. This is summer vacation, after all.

Just for you, we’ve gathered some of the best light entertainment apps around to help get you through those lazy summer days:

Smash Hit 

Smash Hit App

Is there anything more satisfying than smashing stuff? The creators of Smash Hit don’t think so. In this first-person game of skill and spatial awareness, you move through dozens of abstract, futuristic landscapes, hurling an unlimited supply of spheres at walls, windows, columns, and spinning triangles to clear a path forward. (FREE, iOS and Android)


Acrobots App

A fun one without a goal per se—just pile up the bots and watch them fall and bounce. Stack them and create a living tower, drag them across the screen, and smash them into one another. Then shake up your phone and start all over again. ($0.99, iOS only)

Flow Free

Flow Free App

Solve puzzles by connect matching colored pipes to one another, but be careful not to overlap and break the pipes. With literally hundreds of levels, as well as a “Time Trial” mode that enables users to race against the clock, Flow Free is a beloved games app that proves highly addictive. (FREE, iOS and Android)

Sky Guide

Sky Guide App

With an Apple Design Award under its belt, Sky Guide is a beautiful app that lets you hold your iPad or iPhone to the sky and discover new constellations. Perfect for starry nights on the beach or rooftop. ($1.99, iOS)


 StumbleUpon App

If you’d like to claim you’re keeping up with the world while you’re hanging out, StumbleUpon offers endless interesting Web content, curated just for you. Select your interests from the menu and you’ll get recommendations for web sites, photos, and videos. (FREE, iOS and Android)


Bandsintown App

There’s no better time to go to a concert than summer, and Bandsintown Concerts lets you discover concerts in your area based on your music tastes. (FREE, iOS andAndroid)


Wunderlist App

For the person who only feels truly relaxed when a plan is in place, Wunderlist is an attractively designed to-do list management app. While it no doubt works great for serious projects, it can be just as effectively applied on vacation, when such questions as “What time is lunch?” and “Should I nap now or later?” take on a vital importance. (FREE, iOS and Android)