Best Picture Taking Apps

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There are loads of photo apps on the market, but which ones are best? We’ve tested most of them and collected our favorites below. Capturing memories this holiday season has never been easier.

This app allows you to add fantastic typographic artwork to your images alongside cool filters, borders and special effects. A free version is available for both iOS and Android. A more robust version (PicLab HD) is available for iOS only at a cost of $1.99.


Handy Photo
The incredibly easy interface of this app makes photo editing a breeze. The menus are tucked into the corners of the screen, keeping your image clutter free. The app boasts many advanced settings like lighting control, retouching, cropping and special effects that give you many of the capabilities of Photoshop with a user interface like iPhoto. Our favorite feature is the ability to clip out objects in order to resize, move or flip them. Cost: $1.99


This app is a great to create a collage of images to share with family and friends. The app syncs with your photo library so you can easily group images together, select a filter and frame. Think Instagram meets Diptic. Sharing in social is easy right from the app. Cost: Free


Our friends with iPhones have been raving about this app for some time. Camera+ is not only a photo editor, but also a camera. Crisp images are a given and the amazing suite of editing tools with touch exposure and focus, setting for different shooting modes, digital zoom and a photo flashlight make this a must have. Cost: $1.99 iPhone, $4.99 iPad

Better Camera App for Android

This app has great photo editing tools to brighten and crop, alongside six unique filters to add just the right effect to your images. Perhaps its brightest feature is Voice which allows you to take an audio recording at the same time you’re taking a picture. The app also lets you share your memories on Facebook and Twitter. Cost: Free


Paper Camera
Paper Camera is a great app with the most unique filters we’ve seen. Take pictures and in real time, see how the image would look as a cartoon, sketch, in half tone or neon or even as a comic book. Because the filters are applied when you take the picture, there’s no need for editing afterwards. Cost: $1.99

Paper Camera