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Date night in a smart home

Excuse us while we slip into something a little more… connected.

Connected home devices such as smart thermostats, security cameras, and appliances help homes operate more efficiently and securely. But did you know that with the right setup and your trusty smartphone, your smart home can be the perfect backdrop for a romantic night in?

So dust off those unused tech gifts, make sure your wi-fi connection is strong, and let’s get busy.

Act cool, your date is pulling up.

Long gone are the days of eagerly awaiting for a guest in the front window like a puppy. Outdoor smart security cameras and motion detectors will alert your phone when The One is on the premise, which will give you plenty of time to pretend that you were busy being casual.

Get that lighting just right.

Bring down the lights without setting down your glass of champagne. Smart LED bulbs are seamlessly integrated into the automated home system and can be activated by voice (via smart speakers such as Amazon Echo or Google Home) or by the quick touch of an app. Just when you thought it couldn’t get slicker than The Clapper, along came the internet.

Play the magic playlist.

Smart speakers are standing by just waiting for your cue to play the songs you meticulously picked earlier in the day. Home assistants with a screen, like the Amazon Echo Show, can also display song lyrics, so you can impress your date by singing along to their favorite song. Please note: this move is only smooth if you’re connected to songs or streaming services that you’ve paid for. Nothing kills the mood quite like a Spotify ad.

New notification: the baked brie is ready, baby.

Smart ovens are heating up more than just the kitchen. With just a glance at a connected oven app, you’ll know how much time is left on the appetizer while you get cozy on the couch with your main dish. You’ll also be notified when the optimal internal temperature of the meat is met (smooth move), so that no one ends up in the ER on the big night (not a smooth move).

While we’re talking romantic meals: Voice-activated visual home assistants are excellent wingmen in the kitchen – displaying scroll-free recipe text, telling you measurement conversions, setting timers – all to make you look like a pro.

Did someone say… fire?

A voice-activated smart fireplace will surely delight any visitor to your home. A smart fireplace is a big investment, but can you really put a price on having the grooviest love shack on the block? Yes, yes you can. Another option is to toss a YouTube video of a fireplace on your smart TV. Presto.

Smart watches and fitness trackers.

To monitor the sleep you’re not getting.

The sun never sets on a smooth mover.

A smart coffee maker can start brewing coffee the next morning with just a simple command from the bedroom.

Our experts can help you get your home set up for the perfect date night and troubleshoot your most perplexing technical issues. Unfortunately, they cannot help with garlic breath or a roommate who won’t leave the room.

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