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Everything You Need to Know About iOS 7

With the enhancements in today’s technology, a software update gives that feeling of excitement you get with a brand new phone. 

iPhone 5C

However, sometimes the ‘new look’ of the software can take you out of our comfort zone with new design and features to get used to. Apple’s new iOS 7 software has many new hidden tricks and shortcuts to enhance your cell phone experience and make your life easier.

You may not have an understanding of all the new upgrades on iOS 7, so we’ve highlighted a few of the biggest ones here to help you get the most out of your new operating system.

Swipe up for Toggles
Here you will have 1-click access to your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Do Not Disturb, Portrait Orientation Lock, Brightness, Music, AirDrop, new Flashlight, Alarm, Clock and Camera. You can also swipe down for the Search Menu.

Closing Apps
To close your apps with iOS7, double-click the home button to bring up the full screen app switcher, then simply swipe up and the app will disappear and close. This is a great way to save your battery, since you do not have to close your app every time. You can also refresh an app if it is not loading properly or crashing.

New Ringtones/Text Alerts
Are you tired of the old default ringtone or text alert that you have? There is no need to buy a new one, because Apple is now offering more options for both. Check them out in the Settings > Sounds tab.

Now in Safari you have instant access to your saved “Favorite” websites. These sites appear right in front of you, giving you instant access with just one touch. And remember the pressing the “X” to close out a Safari Tab? No need to do that anymore, just swipe to the left.

Burst Mode
How many times have you taken a picture only to learn it did now come out well so you have to retake it? With the Burst Mode, hold down the volume key or the shutter key and you can snap a few pictures quickly, then go through them all and decide on which one you like best.

Make Text in Apps Bigger
Forget your glasses? No worries, just go to Settings > General > Text Size > then slide the bar to whatever size you need.
*Note: this will only work if the app supports Dynamic Type

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