Find the perfect tech gift for everyone on your list

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Find the perfect tech gift for everyone on your list

With so many new and impressive tech products now available, it’s hard to know which one to buy. That’s where we can help – more than 300 million customers turn to us for support for their devices each year. So, we’re sharing some of our own team’s favorite gift recommendations to help you find the perfect fit for the people on your shopping list.

For the smart home enthusiast

Find the perfect tech gift for everyone on your list“There are great options on the market as far as smart devices go, from the Amazon Echo to the Samsung SmartThings Hub, but my personal favorite is the Google Home Hub. My wife and I use our Google Home a lot, but the Home Hub adds an 8″ screen to the mix. We love to use the one in our kitchen for recipes because not only does it read everything off to you and advance the steps based on audio cues, but now you can also visibly follow along with the recipe steps. You’re also able to call up a YouTube video mid-dish if you needs some extra direction on how to cut something properly or some other helpful tip. We were previously using our phone for this – which has a smaller screen and required you to often touch it with messy, food-covered hands – so the Google Home Hub has been a great addition to our connected home.”- Brandon, Innovation Lab Manager

For the fitness fanatic

Find the perfect tech gift for everyone on your listIf you’re in the market for a fitness tracker, good news for you — there is no shortage of options. Fitbit, Garmin, and Apple are just a few that offer up watches and bands to fit any budget range and fitness level. As someone who tries to eat right and workout daily, I also lose complete self-control when there’s queso on the table, so monitoring my diet and tracking my daily activity are important to me. That’s why my pick is the Fitbit Versa. It tracks every part of my day from activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep and —most importantly — keeps me motivated!”- Lauren, Content Specialist

For the person on the go

Find the perfect tech gift for everyone on your list“For me, I appreciate the lightweight and portability of a tablet. From the Google Pixel Slate to the newest iPad Pro, there are countless options in the tablet world that will fit many different needs. My personal favorite is the Microsoft Surface Pro. For a Windows user, this is a great tablet since it allows you to have a fully-functioning version of Windows 10. I’m also a fan of the available stylus for the device – it’s great for taking notes, working with editing software or other graphics programs.”- Gary, Innovation Lab Technologist

For the gamer

Find the perfect tech gift for everyone on your listMy gift choice would definitely be the Nintendo Switch. I grew up playing all the classic games on the original Nintendo, from Mario to Zelda. The Nintendo Switch captures all the magic of the original NES, adding modern takes of those beloved classics, as well as some great new entries. As a father of three gamers, the portability of the Switch allows my kids to play their games on the go and without dominating the living room TV. It truly offers fun for the whole family.”- Zach, Instructional Design Manager

For the forgetful friend

Find the perfect tech gift for everyone on your list “If you’re like me, you’re constantly asking, ‘where did I put my keys?’ I tend to be a bit forgetful and have friends and family members who are the same, so one of my go-to gifts is a Bluetooth tracker. My favorite is the Tile Pro since, unlike some other models available, it has a replaceable battery inside. My dad attached his Tile Pro to his TV remote, which always seems to go missing with 9 grandkids around; my mom attached hers to her phone and her camera bag. They’re super simple to setup and easy to use – just attach a Tile Pro to any item you care about not losing and you’re all set. Bonus: you can even ask your smart speaker (Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri) to help you in your search.” – Jaleena, Content Manager

For the music lover

Find the perfect tech gift for everyone on your listOne of the biggest benefits to Bluetooth headphones is they are cord-free and hands-free. Unlike other headphones, these stay put when running or doing other high-impact activities — which is the top reason I chose the Kinivo Bluetooth Stereo Headphones. You can control your music (or podcasts) directly from the earpiece with a set of intuitive controls. The battery life is excellent; I rarely have to charge it. Not to mention, they’re super comfortable and lightweight. After putting them on, I sometimes forget I’m even wearing headphones.”- Jared, Innovation Sr. Manager