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Five smart home technologies that will make your home greener

Thanks to connected home technology, it’s easier than ever to make your home more eco-friendly and efficient. Becoming a greener dweller is only a tap, click, or voice command away!

Here are five smart home devices that will help you create a more sustainable home:

1. Smart plugs to control the power you use

Smart plugs can turn off appliances when you’re not using them, which helps save energy. Wi-fi-enabled printers, lamps, washers, dryers, tvs, and any other connected devices can be easily plugged into the smart plugs and controlled by your phone or smart speakers (i.e. Amazon Echo or Google Home). Forgot to turn off the TV? Switch “off” from your phone!

2. Smart thermostats to save money on heating and air conditioning costs

Smart thermostats like Nest reduce your energy costs by learning your heating and cooling habits and programming them based on your usage. Having a smart thermostat on your side helps reduce costs and wasted energy.

3. Smart light switches and dimmers to switch lights on & off and control light dimming

Smart light switches work seamlessly with your phone and personal assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home. By easily dimming and switching off the lights, you can decrease your power usage and carbon footprint

4. Smart power strips to control your power usage

Automatically control multiple lights or appliances using smart power strips. By controlling your usage, you can decrease your power consumption (and carbon footprint) and potentially lower your electric bill.

5. Smart sprinkler controllers

Smart sprinkler controllers feature weather monitoring so you can avoid wasting water when rain comes (and you’re not at home). Control your irrigation or sprinklers from your phone or personal assistant.

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