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Get Fit with App-Powered Gym Equipment and ‘Smart’ Exercise Tools

With wireless activity devices, iPhone pedometers, and apps that track just about everything connected to exercise, it’s safe to say that the fitness tech revolution is well underway. Today’s new fitness equipment can integrate with your smartphone and capture lots of health measures, making a personalized, efficient exercise program possible for anyone.


When it comes to getting a better idea of your fitness habits, maybe it’s best to start at the bottom. Lechal, “world’s first haptic footwear,” offers smart sneakers and insoles, which connect to Google Maps via Bluetooth. Program in your route before your run, and these sneakers will vibrate as way of letting you know it’s time to turn. Lechals also count your steps (more accurately than any wristband pedometer), calculate your distance, and can even be programmed to keep you moving at a certain pace.


With a cute little cradle to hold your tablet, the NordicTrack C700 treadmill is all about getting you hooked up—with iFit, which has its own wearables and training programs. Download routes that take you through virtual streets via Google Street View, automatically adjusting the treadmill’s incline and decline functions to match the virtual terrain.


Move It launched in April 2016 a crowdfunding appeal to produce and market app-connected smart fitness equipment—an ab wheel, resistance a band, a push-up stand, and jump rope—to monitor your exercise routine via Bluetooth-enabled handles that transmit data to your smartphone. An added social feature lets you connect with friends, to see if they’ve been working out and initiate challenges. This Hong Kong-based startup expects to retail the set for $229. So long, dumbbells.


For anyone who’s ever exercised to a workout video—from those grainy Jane Fonda VHS tapes to the latest workout footage on YouTube—it’s plain to see that television can be a pretty terrific tool for working out at home. That’s why Samsung created its Smart TV Fitness VOD app, which acts as a personalized workout regimen offering individualized routines. Most impressive of all, the app features a virtual mirror function, so that you can ensure you’re in the correct position to get the most out of your exercise time.


If you have an Xbox One, check out Nike+ for the Xbox One to create a goal-based plan and select from a stable of well-known trainers. The game uses Kinect’s motion-sensing abilities to track your movements. It’s a good, inexpensive option if you’re looking to boost your workout or just dip a toe into the fitness tech revolution.

And for you yogo lovers, there are a lot of suggestions here.

There are lots more smart fitness options out there—so no excuses for a low-tech workout anymore!