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Get in the game! 4 tips to help you capture the perfect sports photo in seconds

Capturing memories is important – and with your phone’s camera right in your pocket, taking snapshots of your kid’s life has become easier than ever. So easy that you may find yourself watching life pass you by through your phone screen. This can lead to missing out on living in the now for your child’s biggest moments, whether it’s a buzzer-beating jump shot by your all-star or the flower picking your free spirit is doing in the outfield, totally unaware of the game their team is playing around them.

Our team of tech experts put together these four tips that will help you get the perfect photo the first time, every time, so you can then put your phone away and be in the now for those unforgettable moments that matter.

  1. The right light is everything.
    Take a few still pictures before the game begins to see what you’re dealing with. If the scene appears too dim, increase the exposure to allow more light into the sensor. You can do this on most iPhones by tapping on an image until a square appears, then tapping the sun icon next to it and dragging the slider up until you’ve got a brighter image. On Androids, tap the screen and the sun icon will appear, allowing you to drag the slider until your image brightens. If the big game is taking place indoors, be sure to turn off the flash so you don’t distract the players!
  3. Use burst mode to help capture the perfect action shot.
    Your phone’s camera was built to be a great general camera – not a specialty device for taking action shots. Still, if you want to capture your kid in motion, turn on burst mode. Burst mode allows your phone to shoot multiple frames per second, increasing your likelihood of getting at least one or two clear shots. On most iPhones and Samsung phones, burst mode shooting occurs when you hold down the shutter button. You can also check your camera settings to switch into burst mode. If it turns out your phone doesn’t have it, you can download any number of burst apps for iOS and Android.
  5. Resist the urge to zoom in.
    Zooming – where you pinch on a figure and the figure becomes larger – doesn’t work quite the same way on your phone as it does with a traditional camera lens. It’s just blowing up one portion of the image, to the detriment of the image’s overall quality. Don’t be afraid to get as close as you can to the action. Then, once you’ve captured the image, crop the photo for a dramatic framing.
  7. Save the editing for later.
    Take as many shots as you want, but then put your phone away and save the cropping, zooming and red-eye correction for later.

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