How Technology Can Protect Teens from Distracted Driving

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How Technology Can Protect Teens from Distracted Driving

When you think of technology and teens behind the wheel, you probably picture distractions – talking, texting, and browsing through apps.

There are actually multiple technology tools that can help keep drivers safe —including app and connected devices to monitor driving habits and voice commands that allow for hands-free phone use.

Lock Down the Distractions

DriveSafe Mode App

DriveSafe Mode App

(Free, Android and iOS) DriveSafe Mode can block phone and text access while the car is driving above a speed the parent determines. Parents can set special numbers that can be dialed in an emergency, and you’ll get an alert if your teen is driving but turns off the DriveSafe app.

Stay Hands-Free with Voice Commands

Most states prohibit texting while driving, but some allow hands-free usage. If you’re OK with your teen using voice commands, look into hands-free options.

For example, iPhones have “Hey, Siri” functionality, which allows your teen to do anything the iPhone can do with voice commands—without even using the Home button.

Many cars also offer the ability to sync with a phone, offering hands-free phone calls and music control while you drive.

Monitor Teen Driving

If you’d like to know whether your teen is driving too fast or going places they shouldn’t, check out these tech tools that let you monitor driving habits and track locations.

TrueMotion Driver Safety App

TrueMotion App

(Free, Android and iOS)  This app allows you to track your family’s location and gain insight into risky behavior like speeding, texting, and tailgating. You can also view their trip history and their driving grade.


Automatic Adapter

Want a full report on how the car is being used? With a goal of developing smarter and safer drivers, the Automatic adapter can empower parents with knowledge about their teen’s car and driving habits. This connected car adapter plugs into the car’s diagnostic port, syncs with a smartphone and tracks everything in an app. This tool will also alert you if your teen is in an accident and can even request emergency response. (Cost: $79.95 or $129.95)

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