How To Connect Tile to Your Phone And Never Lose Your Keys Again

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How to Connect Tile

Many of us have had this revelatory moment: You misplace your smartphone around the house, and realize you can track it down with the “find my phone” feature. Shortly afterward, we’ll bet you said, “Why can’t there be a ‘find-my-keys’ feature?”

Meet Tile. Tile is a small, lightweight gadget that can easily attach to items like a keychain or bag using the cutout hole, or you can use the special adhesive stickers included to attach Tile to something you’d like to track.

Install the Tile app on a smartphone or tablet, and then it can use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to “discover” a Tile sensor, with a range of around 100 feet. No more lost keys or bags!

How to add a Tile:

Open the Tile App

Open Tile App

Tap the (+) button to add a Tile.

Add First Tile

On the Tile, press the (e) button firmly until it plays a tune.

Add a Tile

Place the Tile on the device.

Place Tile on Device

Name the Tile.

Name The Tile

Add a picture of the item to Tile

Activate the Tile

Activate the Tile

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