How to Talk to Your Kids About Online Safety

Tech Tips

Teaching your child about online safety has become extremely important. An online monitoring system is a good first step but a face-to-face conversation with your child is imperative to ensure they understand the scope and power of the Internet.

The goal of the conversation should be to help your child understand that while the Internet is great for some things, it can also be a place that people abuse and take advantage of others. They also need to understand that not all the information on the Internet is appropriate for them.

Here is a list of basic guidelines that will help prepare for your discussion with your child:

  • Online Privacy- it doesn’t exist. A digital footprint is left with every message, text and post.
  • Never share personal information like your full name, address, phone number or passwords.
  • Don’t assume everything you read on the Internet is true. People can make up stories or give out false information. They can also make up fake identities altogether.
  • Contact an adult/parent if you ever feel uncomfortable with something you see or do online.

There are tons of online resources as well.  Here are a few good ones:

American Academy of Pediatrics

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Trade Commission

Do you have your own tips for talking to your kids about online safety? Feel free to share below!