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Insider Shopping Secrets: The Best Months to Buy Online

Timing may not be everything when it comes to online shopping, but it’s a pretty big thing. While it comes as no surprise that September is a good time to grab a grill or that June is the right time to stock up on tools, did you know that March is the worst month overall for online deals? Or that November is the best? Check out our handy month-by-month list for the best times to shop online.


Air conditioners: No one’s thinking about staying cool in January, so January is the best time to grab an off-season deal on a new AC.

Wedding venues and wedding supplies: Most everyone’s got a spring wedding in mind, so finding a venue and negotiating a low price for it is best done as early in the year as possible.

Gift cards: A gift card is a gift card is a gift card, right? Wrong. You can find seriously good deals in January on sites like Card Cash, where people trade their unwanted gift cards for cash.


Boats: Not unlike with car manufacturers in the fall, boat manufacturers are looking to clear out their old models in February, enabling you to snatch one up for a song.

Digital cameras: After the big trade shows of mid-January, older model cameras tend to drop their prices during the later weeks of the month.

Motorcycles: You’d have to be crazy to ride a motorcycle when the air is frigid and the streets are icy, but buying a motorcycle in anticipation of a wild next summer is a smart move.


Gardening tools and supplies: Late winter and early spring are ideal times to stock up on gloves, hoes, mulch, what have you.

Golf clubs: Golf manufacturers need to clear out their stock of older model clubs, so now is the time to get some new sticks for cheap.

Luggage: With few travel-intense holidays, March is a low-travel season. Which means luggage prices drop big time.


Televisions and Home Theater Systems: You might see lots of deals on HDTVs following the Super Bowl, but April is also a good time to buy, as Japanese manufacturers—whose fiscal year ends in March—are looking to get rid of their old stock.

Boots and Winter Wear: No one wants to look at another pair of winter boots just when the weather is getting warm, but, if you can stand it, try stocking up on this stuff for next winter and save big.

Laptops: Online shopping experts have in recent years seen laptops fall in price during April—sometimes more than they do during the “back to school” season. Whatever the reason, take advantage in April.


Vacuum cleaners: The new vacuum cleaner models come out in June, so get your spring cleaning done with a brand new vacuum cleaner, bought on the cheap.

Refrigerators: Again, the new refrigerator models come out within the following couple of months, so refrigerators are at their lowest prices in May.

Party and Picnic Supplies: Paper plates, paper napkins, simple grilling tools—all that stuff can be bought for next to nothing as the season is just getting underway.


Champagne: With wedding season fully upon us, bubbly makers are in competition for your bucks and are hence willing to let their best stuff go for a deal.

Gym memberships: Most people’s New Year’s resolutions are a distant memory by June, and so now is the time to haggle your way to a low gym membership.

Tools: Must be a Father’s Day thing—tools of all kinds are on sale during the month of June.


Grills: Backyard grills, propane or charcoal, can always be bought for a low price after the Fourth of July holiday.

MP3 Players: Virtually any time during the second half of the year is a good time to buy a new MP3 player. iPods, for instance, always “refresh” in the fall, and so prices on the old models dip right before.

Furniture: Newer model furniture comes out in August, so July’s the time to buy old-model furniture.


Linens and storage containers: As kids head off to college, linens and storage suddenly become big business, which means stores are pushing new dorm supplies.

Kids’ clothes: Back to school, back to deals on new clothes for kids.

Wine: With the harvest just getting going in August, smaller-run wines are available for cheap in August.


Holiday airfare: Buying your plane tickets two months in advance (especially for high-travel holiday weekends like Thanksgiving) is just sound family policy.

Cars: With the new car models rolling out in late summer and early fall, September is the prime month to make a car purchase on last year’s model.

Grills and Lawnmowers: Making room for winter gear is the motivation behind retailers’ deep discounts on outdoor stuff. Take advantage in September and you might be pleasantly surprised come next summer!


Jeans: The back to school season also means good prices on jeans. You might not be a teenager anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the savings.

Health insurance: October is when most health plans accept new members, so remember to shop around for a possibly better deal on your healthcare coverage.

Toys and games: Let’s face it: Black Friday is a moving target anymore, as retailers are all looking to get a jump on one another. Stores like Toys R Us look to get people thinking about their Christmas shopping as early as mid-October, so now’s the time to start making your list and  checking it twice…


Halloween candy: Hey, if you can stand to look at another fun-sized Butterfinger, candy prices get slashed on November 1.

Televisions and other electronics: Black Friday and Cyber Monday might be overrated these days, and it’s far too easy to get stuck paying good money for flat-out lousy merchandise. Still, with enough research, you can still secure an insanely good deal on a TV or other electronic appliance around this time.


Winter apparel: If you missed the deals on winter boots and coats back in May, December has been a good time to find a deal on this stuff, as retailers compete to get your money. Check out your favorite brands’ websites to see if anything jumps out at you.

Cookware: The holiday-themed deals start early, and cookware is a widely popular item that always goes on sale in December.

Champagne: With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, champagne is in stock and very affordable.