Mobile Protection While Traveling at Home and Abroad

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Mobile Protection While Traveling at Home and Abroad

Your phone is your life, and your life extends far beyond your zip code. You travel, explore new places and have adventures. And you document those adventures. You keep up with friends and family around the corner and around the globe, and Asurion mobile protectionfollows you wherever life takes you.

We know that with all the fun and excitement that comes with travelling both in the United States and abroad and seeing new places, there are just as many risks that something will happen to the technology you take with you. In fact, Asurion data indicates that 1/3 of travelers have had their phone, or a close family member’s, lost, stolen or damaged while on vacation.

This presents a major problem since over 75% of Americans say their phone is very important to have while traveling. It’s what 50% of travelers use to check in for flights and where 41% keep important travel documents like their boarding pass, itinerary, confirmation numbers and ID.

Before you take off for your grand adventure abroad, make sure you’ve taken these easy steps to insure your smartphone:

1. If you don’t already have Asurion mobile protection, check with your carrier to see if you are eligible to enroll. If you are, read the Terms and Conditions to make sure you understand your coverage.

2. Once enrolled, log some air time on your device as soon as possible. This is as easy as making a phone call from your phone and helps us prevent fraudulent activity on your account.

3. Download the protection app. Asurion’s apps help you get the most out of your technology. And should something happen, with just a Wi-Fi connection the app allows you to remotely lock your device if it’s stolen, sound an alarm if it’s lost, back up your data and so much more.

Don’t have Asurion Mobile Protection yet? Ask your carrier for more information about eligibility or visit Make sure you include protection the next time you upgrade your smartphone. Now go, and roam the world worry free knowing you have comprehensive coverage, no matter where your travels take you.