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Planning a Wedding? There’s an app for that

Today’s modern couple knows there’s a ton of work that goes into planning their big day. From setting a date to sending invitations and finding the best vendors, there are a million details to keep straight. It can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right apps, your smartphone can make planning your wedding easy and fun.

We’ve picked a selection of apps to help with everything from getting fit to sharing your happy day with the world—and you can keep track of it all on the go straight from your phone.

Get Fit

Zombies, run! 3 
The zombies are still on the loose in this third version of the popular app. Users get rewarded for every step they run or walk by earning supplies and tools that help save the human race from the impending zombie attack. If running from zombies doesn’t get you in shape, nothing will. ($3.99; iOS and Android)

Sometimes we all need a little tough love to get us moving.. And that’s exactly what CARROTfit brings. The weight-tracking app uses some serious sass to keep you moving through its seven-minute workouts. It doesn’t hurt that moves have names like “territory marker” for a lunge and “dragon mating dance” for a push-up into a side plank. ($2.99; iOS)

Get Planning

WeddingWire Apps
Plan your wedding on-the-go with the WeddingWire family of apps. Everything them from staying organized and finding the right vendors to scouring wedding trends and sharing photos of your special day is included in this suit of apps perfect for busy brides-to-be. (Free; iOS and Android)

Create your own personal wedding website and app with the easy to use AppyCouple software. Track RSVPs, share photos and chat with guests all within your customized app. (Starting at $35)

Get Married

Include out of town loved ones that couldn’t make it to your nuptials with real time video streaming. The capabilities of this tool allow you to socialize and track all engagement during the live stream. You can even record your nuptials to watch them for years to come. (Platform starting at $99; Apps – Free; iOS and Android)


Want a more homegrown perspective on the traditional wedding video? Vyclone might be what you’re looking for. This app magically takes all the video from your wedding mixes it together into one perfect movie. You can easily remix the video from within the app to get the perfect recording of your most special day. (Free; iOS and Android)

Don’t let your “something new” be a replacement smartphone. Do yourself a favor and protect your device, the keeper of all your wedding plans, contacts, appointments, pictures and reminders. Check with your wireless carrier for more information, or visit