Practical Ways to Protect Your Portable GPS Device

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Practical Ways to Protect Your Portable GPS Device

When it’s time to travel, where would we be without our trusty GPS Systems? You certainly wouldn’t want to be on a trip or family vacation and find out. But the reality is, *Asurion sees more claims for portable GPS devices during the heavy traveling months of March, May, and July than any other time of the year. So before you pack your bags for your next big adventure, here are a few ways to keep your portable GPS working properly, protected, and intact.

Use Screen Protectors

Since your GPS is prone to scratches and those scratches make if less responsive and harder to see, put a screen protector on it.

Consider a Water Proof Cover

Motorcyclist and Boaters are often prone to unexpected changes in the weather making a waterproof GPS cover ideal. Not only will a waterproof cover keep the device dry in the wettest conditions, but many of these covers do a good job with protecting the device if it’s dropped.

Get a Carrying Case

Instead of tossing your portable GPS device in a purse, backpack, or pocket where it is more susceptible to be damaged in transport, purchase a case that is specially designed to protect your device.

Store your device in a Temperature Controlled Environment

It is a good idea not to store your portable GPS in your car for extended periods of time. If the unit is in extreme heat or is in an environment where the temperature is below freezing, it could become damaged. As a general rule, if you are not using your GPS unit, you should keep it stored in your home.

*Asurion 2015 Claims Data