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How to prepare your phone for the iOS 11 update

The iOS 11 update is almost here! While we’re excited about all the new features (updated control center! Do not disturb while driving! Screen recording!), it’s important to make sure your phone can handle the update in the first place.

Soluto Tech expert Bree offers the following advice for a seamless and frustration-free iOS update in September:

  1. Update your phone to the latest version of iOS now.
    Being on an outdated version of iOS could prevent your phone from finding, downloading, and installing the iOS 11 update successfully.
  3. Get iTunes. We recommend everyone use iTunes to back up their phones and install iOS 11. Updating Over the Air (OTA) can lead to extremely slow download times, and every year we see dozens of complaints that customers’ devices have entered Recovery Mode. The only way to fix a Recovery Mode error is by connecting the iPhone to iTunes and attempting to update (or, in extreme cases, Factory Reset) the device through iTunes. 
  5. Back it up. It’s rare, but we see reports with every previous iOS update that users’ phones have been wiped, bricked, or put into Recovery Mode. If this happens to you, your data could be lost forever. Back up your phone!
  7. Make space. If you have to back up OTA, the iOS 11 installation is going to needa lot of space. After installation, much of that space will free up again. If possible, migrate all of your photos and videos to a computer or a Cloud app and then delete the photos/videos from your phone. Music, books, and 3rd Party Apps can also be uninstalled to free up some space (if you uninstall Music, make sure you have it in iCloud or your iTunes library so you can redownload it later).
  9. Know what to expect.iPhones that came before the iPhone 5S will not be able to update to iOS 11. There are some big redesigns coming to the App Store, Command Center, and iCloud Drive. It’s okay to wait a few days to see what other people are saying about iOS 11 before updating. Just don’t wait too long, or your phone could be left vulnerable to security exploits.

Using iTunes for the iOS 11 update process is the best way to avoid installation headaches.

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