Selfie Police: The App that Turns Selfishness into Generosity

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Selfie Police: The App that Turns Selfishness into Generosity

It was the Word of the Year and in 2013 it took the world by storm: the selfie. Yes, those duck lipped pictures spamming your Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and Facebook feeds have turned out to be more than just a trend. In 2013 “#selfie” was used on Instagram almost 35 million times, a 200% surge in usage from 2012, when the term was nearly non-existent.

Tired of all the fuss? Ready to make selfies more than just a self-indulgent craze? There’s an app that may do just that, while helping others along the way.

Selfie Police 2

Selfie Police, a new app, developed by two Brigham Young University students as part of a 24-hour creative competition, capitalizes on the biggest trend among millennials: selfies. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, it looks like the selfie is here to stay. Instead of trying to change the culture of their generation, the app creators found a way to capitalize on it by encouraging people to donate $1 whenever they post a selfie.

“All the money goes to fund education for kids who can’t afford college, let alone a $600 self-indulgence device. Donate and join us. Police your friends. There’s a lot of work to be done. Together we can turn vanity into charity” said the BYU founders.

Here’s how it works:

When you post a selfie on your social profile, you are “fined” $1. You can pay off your debt by donating within the Selfie Police app, which transfers 100% of your donation to Vittana, a charity that helps fund tuition costs for kids who otherwise couldn’t go to college. You can help the cause by calling out your friends and encouraging them to donate too. The Selfie Police even offer a few ways to do it on their website depending on if you want to be funny, snotty or mean:

Selfie Police Call Out image

The app has raised over $1,400 in its first week of existence, and they’ve got some ambitious goals ahead, calling out a few of the worst celeb offenders hoping they’ll pay up.

Selfie Police Most Wanted

What do you think? Could this be the end of the selfie?