Smart Tech Tips for Planning Parties at Home

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Smart Tech Tips for Planning Parties at Home

There’s still plenty of time to plan a great party, or two, this summer. And you can count on technology to make the party-throwing as easy and fun as the party-going! Try one or more of these fun ideas to tech-nically host your next great event … at home.

Easy invites

Remember when we used to send invitations in the mail, or called our friends on the phone? Not the always the norm nowadays.  Even many weddings today forgo formal paper invitations, but for informal parties at home, make the invites easy for you and your guests. If your crowd is on Facebook, set up a private Facebook event and invite everyone there. Or use Evite or Paperless Post. All of these help you track RSVPs, and the two email services can send automated reminders to your guests.

Smart lights


Set a funky stage for your shindig with smart lights like Lumenplayor Philips Hue lightstrips. These can sync with your music or a movie and make the atmosphere just right. Or make the outside of your home summer-festive with the Star Shower Patriot, with red, white and blue laser pinpoints of light cast all over the exterior of your home.

Cold beverages


Who ever thought the world of coolers needed reinvention? They seemed so utilitarian…and then Yeti came along and showed us how coolers could be so much more than a place to stash a 6-pack with some melting ice. Now lots of brands are coming out with high-tech, long-lasting, super-durable coolers. Or maybe you like a little USB charger and media player with your cold drinks…so check out the KoolMax.  Finally, meet Somabar, somewhat of a robotic bartender for your home! With the help of your smartphone, this app-controlled appliance mixes cocktails in seconds.

Best games

Heads Up! is a perennial party favorite, and the app version is easy to play wherever you are. (Free for Android and iOS, $0.99).

The Jackbox Party Pack ($24.99 for Android and iOS) puts together 5 games in one. You can play with a group, linking your devices together.