Smarten Up Your Morning Routine

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Smarten Up Your Morning Routine

The Connected Life explores ways we can use new technology to make our lives easier. Now that smart home technology has revolutionized many everyday activities, the task at hand may simply be reimagining our lives, but better!

In most homes, mornings are the toughest time of the day. Getting the family out the door smoothly is critical in setting up for a great rest of the day. A missing button, an unexpected rainy forecast, forgetting to turn on the coffeemaker … any little thing can disrupt your flow and start you off on the wrong foot.

But now we can build a smart morning routine. What if:

  • The lights came on gently just after the alarm went off?
  • The air warmed or cooled to move from the perfect temp for sleeping to the best temp for hopping in the shower?
  • The color of the lights told us what weather to expect for the day?
  • The coffeemaker started just in time to have our hot coffee ready when we came into the kitchen?
  • The lights blinked to remind us when it’s time to leave to make the train or beat traffic?

All these things are possible today, and much more. One of the best ways to connect your smart home devices and keep things at your fingertips is a free service called IFTTT (If This, Then That). This app can connect many web services and Internet of Things / smart home devices to smooth out any friction in your mornings (and we’ve shared step-by-step guides to setting up IFTTT on the Asurion blog previously, here and here).

IFTTT works with “recipes,” or equations, that make things happen based on a trigger. (For a simple example, IF your email receives an attachment, THEN you can have the attachment automatically saved to the cloud.) But IFTTT can go much farther, and organize your entire morning with your smart home devices.

This kind of strategy can also make your own smartphone the center of your morning routine, even if you have multiple brands of smart home devices. Using your smartphone and IFTTT to control your morning also makes it simple to adjust at the touch of a finger when your schedule changes.

Redesigning your mornings with smart home devices gives you a more seamless start to the day, and using IFTTT is just one way that your own connected life can make the whole day feel just a touch easier.  Rise and shine!