Spring Break Travel Essentials

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Spring Break Travel Essentials

Your electronics are essential travel tools this spring break. Many of you are packing your bags to head for warmer weather, the ski slopes or an adventure in a new city, but no matter where you’re headed your electronics will likely be the most important items in your bag.

Over 75% of people feel their cellphone is very important to them while traveling. For many, it’s how they check in for their flight (50%) and where they store important travel documents like boarding passes, trip itineraries and confirmation numbers (41%).

Additionally, many people rely on their electronics to entertain themselves on a road trip or during a long layover at the airport. For example, Asurion data indicates that over 50% of travelers use their tablets to read e-books while on vacation, 26% use it to play games and stream videos and a quarter use it to surf the internet. Cellphones too help keep spring breakers occupied and connected while traveling, with 69% using their smartphones to take vacation pictures, 47% to get maps or directions and nearly half using it to listen to music.

But all this usage can come at a price. In fact, 16% of Americans have experienced a major travel disruption because of a dead cellphone battery. The fix? Always be prepared. 83% of travelers report carrying a cellphone charger while they are on the road, compared to 36% who keep a tablet charger in tow.

As you hit the road this spring break, don’t forget to pack the important things like your toothbrush or bathing suit; but even more importantly, don’t forget your electronic essentials! Here are a few more tips to make sure you fully enjoy your spring break trip this year:

• Invest in a good protective case for you cellphone or tablet. This will help prevent damage to your device if it’s dropped or smashed.
• Pack extra chargers for your electronics, including portable battery packs that can juice up your devices even without a power source.
• Use a screen protector to ward of scratches and superficial dings and dents to the surface of your phone or tablet.