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Summer Road Trip Apps Everyone Should Have: Part 1

School is out and it’s summer vacation time. Grab your map, your car charger and hop in your car, but first make sure that you’re ready for your road trip. Whether you’re traveling to a specific destination via car or if the car travel is the fun, you’ll need apps to get throughyour travels. We’ve identified several apps to keep you sane during your trip and get you there smoothly.


This is a necessity on every car trip. These apps can last you hours and help discover new music as your road trip commences. There will never be an awkward silence and they can create sing a long opportunities at any time.

Spotify App

This a free music app perfect for parents and kids alike. You can build playlists on your computer or based off an iPod playlist. All you need is data or Wi-Fi and you have a playlist set up. Don’t know what you want to play? This app solves that too. 

You can build a radio station based on a song, artist, or genre. While there are commercials every few songs, if you pay for Spotify premium, for just $9.99 a month, the commercials stop and the search feature will translate to your mobile phone. Premium also offers to take your playlist offline when data isn’t available.

I Heart Radio
I Heart Radio App

You’re going on your road trip for adventure and get away. That doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite radio stations. This plays over 1000 radio stations. A user also has the ability create their own by liking and disliking songs as they pop up so that the station will evolve.

Roadside Attraction and Exit Info:

Toad trips are designed to find the weird and the wonderful.Make sure you don’t miss a single adventure or experience while you drive with these apps.

Road Ninja
Road Ninja App

This app not only maps your trip but helps you to discover new places along the way. They offer special promotions as you get your kicks along route 66, even allowing you to share your experiences on social media straight from your phone. What’s a road trip without making a stop or two along the way?

Roadside America
Roadside America App

For $2.99 you can get an app that has the most in-depth information and maps to find these funny and wacky attractions. You can unlock the rest of the US/Canada for only $5.99 more. This app works as a GPS while overlaying attractions on your route so you can click along the way. Its search features offer more in depth tips from other users for specific places.

Field Trip
Field Trip App

This app shows you the best places to shop, eat and have fun. It runs in the background on your phone and uses GPS to track your location. When you approach a place of interest it’ll pop up on your screen. Using multiple websites for information, the app shows positive and negative reviews so you won’t show up not knowing what to expect.


Traveling many miles in one day makes it hard to keep track of what’s going on within just a few miles of you. Whether it’s sports, concerts, or even wine tasting, get these apps to make sure that your free time isn’t spent wondering what you could be doing.


This may sound like a food finder, but it does so much more than that. This app lets you know what events are going around you by suggesting events based on your mood and interest. You can check social media for what people are saying on events and you don’t have to anything in town before you get in town.

 MLB and MiLB

These are the perfect apps for the sports lover. While major cities house the MLB teams, little towns like Beloit, Wisconsin or Albuquerque, New Mexico are home to some pretty good minor league teams. This app lets you follow your favorite team or search for the closest teams to your location, giving you a fun night out at the ballpark with the family and friends.

Eventsions App

While only available on the iPhone, this app will find local events, concerts, performing arts and more. This also allows you to plan ahead and place events on your calendar as you travel. This app links to Facebook and based on your interest will suggest other events which could help you out when you don’t know what you want trying to plan the day’s activities.


Great food stops are essential to any raodtrip and these apps help you discover the best spots along your route.They also help you make reservations on the go, so you never waste time along the way.

Food Tripping
Food Tripping App

This app shows where the local eateries and even microbreweries are located by using your GPS to find the best food around you. You don’t need a plan, just your location.

OpenTable App

This app is used to make reservations for great places to eat. This is a great way to plan ahead to the end of the day or for a good meal a few days down the road.

How do you use your phone to plan/take road trips? Let us know below.