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Swimming Pool Safety Tips & Tools for Your Family This Summer

Summer fun often include trips to the pool—and believe it or not, modern technology and your device may help keep you and your kids safe when you go swimming.

There’s absolutely no substitute for complete vigilance at the pool, of course. But for extra piece of mind, check out these products:

Pool Fences and Covers:

They’re low-tech, but they work. Every pool should be securely fenced, and covers designed to aid in pool security can also help prevent tragedies. Check local building codes or consult a pool contractor and your insurance company about specific requirements for your pool barrier.

Safety Camera: Pool WatchDog

Pool Watch Dog Security System

Aim the Pool WatchDog camera (around $200) at your pool and enjoy a sense of security.  You can actually set it to send you a text or email alert when something is amiss, and watch streaming video from the camera right on your phone or computer. The WatchDog works with free apps for Android or iPhone. The downside: If your Internet goes down, the WatchDog can’t send you an alert.

Floating Alarms: 

Floating alarms (models from various manufacturers start around $130) tend to be lower cost options for pool alarms. However, they can be a little touchy—a windy day might set them off, for instance. Sidewall mounted alarms are less likely to give a false alarm, but tend to be more expensive (typically $200 or more). With both, check to make sure the weight limits work for you—so that the lightest person in your house can trigger the alarm.

Personal Alarm: Safety Turtle

safety turtle child swimming monitor

Check out the Safety Turtle ($149.99) as a personal alarm for your child. The cute turtle wristband requires a key to remove, and if it gets wet, it will set of the base alarm. A personal alarm is a good secondary device, but because it only works for people wearing the alarm, it shouldn’t be your first line of defense. (And of course, you’ll need to take it off before your child can get in the pool with you.)

More Tips for Home Pools:

  • Always double check and make sure you secure your pool when not in use
  • Never leave children alone in or near the pool or spa
  • Copy the public pool’s rules of safety and post them at your home pool
  • If you have a pool at home, ensure everyone in the house knows how to swim

Finally, if you have children, be sure to visit Pool Safely for more information on preventing accidents.  Have a safe summer!