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Tech Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

The holidays are upon us, which means the shopping season is well under way. With so many new electronics hitting the market this year, it’s hard to know which products are best. We’ve done the legwork for you and rounded up the best electronics for everyone on your list this holiday.


Sonos Speaker

1. Sonos Play 3 Wireless Speakers: $299

Sonos wireless speakers are the perfect gift for the music lover in your life, and the Play:3 + Bridge is the most versatile speaker available. The Sonos system is a cinch to set up and lets you stream your entire music library plus internet radio sites like Pandora and Spotify anywhere you want, as long as you have internet. The system is controlled from an app on your smartphone, tablet or computer, and since it runs on its own internet connection, the sound is always clear.

These Sonos speakers really can’t be beat!

2. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9” Tablet: $379

The Kindle Fire HDX is “the ultra-light tablet that can do it all.” With the most vibrant display yet, the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 has over 4 million pixels, creating a picture that’s more lifelike than ever. This Kindle weighs 13 ounces so you can easily carry it all day without feeling weighed down.

This device comes with high speed internet so you’re never waiting for your videos and games to buffer. You can even wirelessly share books, pictures and movies with friends and family across several devices to stay in touch with friends and family. Parental controls let mom and dad set customized profiles for everyone in the family and establish age appropriate boundaries for each child, including safe browsing and online time limits.

3. PlayStation 4: $399

PlayStation launched the PS4 just in time for the holidays, making it a homerun gift for gamers. This console boasts new and improved graphics that bring the action to life. Players can plug their headsets directly into the new DualShock controller, that’s be upgraded with a touchpad for new gameplay possibilities.

The PS4 also lets you stream and share across your favorite social media networks while connecting with up to 2,000 friends to play online. And don’t forget the games! Check out a full list of the hottest games here.


SOL Republic Headphones

1. SOL REPUBLIC Tracks Headphones: $100

These SOL REPUBLIC Tracks headphones provide maximum comfort while delivering the best sound and style. The V8 HD sound engine let you feel the music with deep bass and high clarity with a 3-button mic and music control to let you adjust the sound right from the headphones. Customize your headphones with several options for the headband and cord color, making them uniquely yours.

The FlexTech Sound Track headband is built to last—able to withstand heavy abuse you don’t have to worry about breaking them in your bag while traveling or dropping them while on the go. Should you do some damage, they come with a 1 year warranty.

2. iPod Nano: $149

No doubt the iPod Nano will make a perfect gift for everyone on your list. The multi-touch 2.5 inch screen makes browsing album art, pictures and videos a breeze, all with the exceptional screen clarity we’ve come to expect on all Apple products. It’s even got Bluetooth capability so you can connect wirelessly to your car, speakers and headphones.

The built-in Nike+ feature makes the Nano an awesome gift for the athletes on your list. Weighing in at just over 1 ounce, it’s perfect for running, biking, hiking and climbing.

Buying for multiple people? Free engraving helps personalize everyone’s device, making it an extra special gift.

3. Roku 3 Streaming Media Player: $100

Roku 3

The Roku 3 is a small box that lets you stream thousands of shows, movies, games and more directly to your TV without a cable box. All you need is an internet connection and you have instant access to Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Plus, HBO, Fox and so much more.

This is the perfect gift for college students and those who don’t want to mess with a cable subscription. Not only do you get thousands of channels, you can also plug headphones directly into the box to watch late night movies without disturbing everyone at home and use the Roku app to browse channels and control the TV directly from your phone.


2. Altec Lansing orbit MP3 Speaker:

These portable wireless speaker is a compact, stylish speaker allowing you to bring 360-degree sound wherever you go. It comes with a universal cord allowing you to plug in to your phone or MP3 easily. The durable speakers also come with a handy padded case with a carabineer for safe and easy travel.

The speaker is battery powered, requiring just 3 AAA batteries for wireless sound. It weighs about a pound and has visual battery indicators so you know when power gets low. This is the perfect companion for picnics, trips to the park or for listening to tunes poolside.

Joby Gorilla Torch

2. Joby Gorillatorch: $30

The Joby Gorillatorch attaches to almost any surface and casts a bright, focused beam of light, making it a great gift for the outdoorsmen on your list. The ultra-bright 100-lumen LED blub casts light up to 190 meters away with a brightness adjuster so you get the best light whether you’re night fishing, setting up camp or working under the house. All this runs on just 3 AA batteries and weights just over 6 ounces making it ultra-portable.

The Gorillatorch is water and drop resistant, making it the perfect companion for camping, hiking, mountain biking and around the house repairs. It comes with magnetic feet and over two dozen leg joints so you can position it just right no matter where you are.

3. Ecosol Powerstick: $49

The Ecosol Powerstick is a must have gift for everyone on your list. This small power stick provides a charging source for all your mobile devices with a USB port from cellphones to computers and tablets even cameras. Just plug the powerstick into the device’s USB port. The fuel gauge will illuminate when it’s charging and show the progress so you can track how much power your device has. You can even use the device while it’s charging for ultimate convenience.

This is the perfect gift for frequent travellers, business professionals and busy moms.