Tech Secrets to Making Your Back-To-School Routine Easier

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Tech Secrets to Making Your Back-To-School Routine Easier

As nice as it might be to get the kids back into a working school routine, those first few weeks of school can often be some of the most stressful of the entire year. Each member of your family has to get used to new demands. It’s a time of year when everyone, from parents to kids to teachers to coaches, wishes they could get a little personal assistance. Fortunately, thanks to the wonders of technology, you can!

Snap a child-teacher selfie

New school years come with quite a few demands, chief among them learning a bunch of new names. Snap a picture of your child and teacher together. Then, when you add the teacher to your address book, add the photo too, and you’ll always have a face to go with the name.

Crack the e-books

If your child spent part of the summer hanging around the house, chances are good he or she knows his or her way around your phone or tablet. Capitalize on that familiarity by reading to your child from an educational e-book, just to whip those learning muscles back into shape.

Simplify your shopping

If you have multiple kids attending different schools, those back to school shopping lists can feel overwhelming. Keep it all straight with the Notes application on your smartphone.

APPly some brain power

Don’t forget, there are countless apps designed to give your kids’ brains a workout. Effective apps keep your kids entertained while teaching them new skills or ways of thinking. They may not even realize they’re learning. The TED app (free for iOS and Android) boasts a whole archive of “edutainment” talks that can really pull high schoolers in. Little ones seem to love that popular Puzzingo app (free for iOS and Android).

Sound the alarm

Finally, alarm clocks become even more essential than usual this time of year. Don’t forget that your smartphone contains a highly effective alarm clock. And most smartphones have an alarm tone that sounds like school bells, just to get you and your kiddos into the spirit.