Think You Don’t Need Cellphone Insurance? Think Again

Tech Tips

The following is an excerpt from a post originally written by Stacie Connerty for her blog, The Divine Miss Mommy. 

“A few years, I had just gotten a new cellphone when I went grocery shopping. I probably stepped away from purse for just a second but in that moment someone grabbed my cellphone and stole it. It was three days old.

Did you know that more than $5 billion worth of cellphones are lost or stolen annually?* That is right! Iconic devices such as the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy series are 35 percent more likely to be lost or stolen than other smartphones.

Did you also know that the percentage of claims filed for lost or stolen cellphones increases in November, December and January?* That does not surprise me at all. People are out a lot more and doing way more shopping during theses three months which gives thieves more of an opportunity to steal devices…”

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