Tips & Tricks: Solving iPhone Sound Issues

Tech Tips

Having audio problems on your iPhone? You’re not alone. According to our Tech Experts, this is one of the most commonly reported issues by consumers. But before you fret, ensure your problem doesn’t have a simple solution by following our quick-fix suggestions outlined below.

  1. Make sure the Ringer is up: Settings > Sounds > Ringer And Alerts slider.
  3. If the phone has a Ring/Silent switch, make sure it is set to ring (no orange showing).
  5. If using a case on the iPhone, make sure the case doesn’t block the speaker.
  7. Make sure Do Not Disturb is turned off on iPhones: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen > tap to toggle Do Not Disturb off.
  9. Turn off Bluetooth: Settings > Bluetooth. If you have connected to a Bluetooth device (Car, Speaker, etc.), the audio may still be routing to it if it is still in range.
  11. Connect a headset: If it only works through the headset, service may be required.
  13. Try a different cable, speaker, or set of headphones if the sound isn’t working through the headphone jack.
  15. Clean out the headphone jack port gently with a soft bristled brush.
  17. Update to the latest iOS version.

Want more tips?  If you are enrolled in your phone carrier’s protection and support program,you may already have unlimited access to our tech experts who can help you learn, grow and do more with your technology!