Tech Tips

Useful Apps That Make or Save You Money

We depend on our smartphones for more and more every day, and you’re likely among the millions already using online banking. However, these apps go beyond access to your checking account – they help you understand where your money is going, or even help you make a little more of it!

Money Management Apps

Simple (Free for Android and iOS)


More than an app, Simple is a bank. It offers fee-free checking accounts and is designed to work with mobile banking. Best of all, Simple lets you enter your financial goals, helping you take long-term planning into account when you make spending decisions.

Mint (Free for Android and iOS)

Mint, the financial management and analysis tool

This financial management and analysis tool gives you real insights into how you’re using money. Mint also sends you suggestions and special offers tailored just for you.

Level (Free for Android and iOS)

Level is another tool which can provide you with financial insight and help you understand how much money you have to spend.

Money Making Apps

Seems like there are more ways than ever to make money these days. We all hear about the gig economy and startups like Uber, AirBnB, Shipt, which continue to make big waves.  But there are ways to turn your time and assets into money too:

SlideJoy (Free for Android)

Slidejoy app

With SlideJoy, you can get paid to watch ads on your smartphone! It won’t make you rich, but it might put a little extra cash in your pocket.

AppTrailers (Free for Android and iOS)

Similar to apps like SlideJoy, AppTrailers has you watch app and movie trailers for points that you can cash into money or gift cards later.

Pact  (Free for Android and iOS)

Pact app

Turn your health goals into cash with Pact. Pick a goal, put a value on it, and if you meet your goal, app users who didn’t meet their personal goals pay you! (Pact syncs to your fitness tracker to keep you honest)

Money Sharing Apps

Perhaps you hate asking to split the bill at dinner or how hard it is to get people to pay you back money they’ve borrowed. Here are some easy to use apps that help you share and make money:

PayPal (Free for Android and iOS)

paypal app

Perfect for freelancers, PayPal lets you shop and receive payments with ease.  All you need is an email or mobile number to buy and send.  Just connect your bank account or debit card to get started.

Venmo (Free for Android and iOS)

If you want to pay your friends back, Venmo makes it so you never have to say, “I owe you five bucks,” again.  Need to pay your co-worker back for coffee or split utilities with roommates?  Say goodbye to checks and cash; Venmo is your new best friend.

Square (Free for Android and iOS)

square app

Small business owners love this app, which makes receiving payments, anywhere, pretty easy.  With Square, you can accept credit card payments on the go, since you never know where you’re going to make that sale! Even better, you’ll have money in the bank the very next day.