Wearables For All: A Fitness Tracker for Dogs

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Wearables For All: A Fitness Tracker for Dogs

We’ve reviewed fitness trackers for humans, which at this point, seem to be a dime a dozen. New to the market though, are activity trackers for pets. This may sound crazy to some, but the Whistle Activity Monitor lets pet owners “stay close to your best friend.”

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The Whistle is like a FitBit for dogs. The small metal sensor clips discretely onto your dog’s collar and starts collecting data immediately. The device monitors your pet’s activity levels including walks, play time and rest. You can set goals for your pet based on their age, breed and health and the app lets you get a visual picture of how your pooch measures up each day. This is especially helpful on those days when your dog may need an extra-long walk or additional play time at the park. You can track their progress over time and look for trends that may suggest a change in their health.

There are few things dog owners love more than gushing about their pet, and Whistle makes it easy. Users can set up private or public groups to share highlights from your latest adventure at the park or pictures from your day at the beach and trade tips with other dog owners. You can also track your pup’s medication and log food intake levels to share with your vet for a more detailed health report.

Dog owner Max Kreuger raves that his Whistle “…gives me a window into the whole world of my dog. I can finally see just what he’s doing when I’m away, and identify times where he really needs an extra walk or play time when I get home from work. Tucker’s Whistle helps him tell me just what he needs.”

Like any good fitness tracker, the Whistle lets you connect and update data no matter where you are. Get real time updates on your dog’s activity from the office, the grocery store or while on vacation. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection to log in to the app and review your pet’s data.

To learn more about Whistle, check out their website.