What’s Trending Today in Cellphones

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Flashback 15 years and imagine what boring stuff we did without cell phones, like reading the newspaper in print or a hard copy of a book. Why do that these days when it’s so much easier to do it all on your cell phone?

Today, 50% of all Americans have information stored in their cell phones they consider irreplaceable. That is half of you reading this post, and the numbers only increase when you look at those 17 and under. Cellphone usage is increasing every day, which means they are becoming more and more essential for Americans.

Cellphones have made such an impact in our lives that, according to Asurion data, 52% of Americans would rather be late to a meeting with their boss and 47% would rather miss a flight or train than have their phone lost, stolen or damaged. Why should you care about these numbers? What do they have to do with you?

The answer is everything. As we continue to grow, new technology is introduced into our lives, making these palm-sized pieces of metal and plastic important to understand and use to make our lives easier. All the apps and websites we are connected to through our smartphones help simplify our lives and make us more productive.

According to 2013 Asurion data, over a quarter of our country feels that their cellphone is more helpful than their significant other. Thanks to these apps and easy access to the internet, we have all the information, games and productivity tools at our finger tips to keep us busy all day and all night.

For some, these smartphones are with us 24/7. Actually, 55% (ages 16-24) of Americans sleep with their cellphone! These devices have changed the world and how we retrieve information. If you are one of the last few that still reads the newspaper in print or relies on watching television for the news, it’s time to take a look at ways to make your cellphone work for you. Its uses are growing everyday as the world adapts to it.

You do not have to use it 24/7 like some people do, but understand it and its trends. Not only will it allow you to keep up with your classmates or your kids, but help simplify your life with the tools and technology it offers you.