4 Tips to Stop the Facebook App From Draining Your Phone’s Battery

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4 Tips to Stop the Facebook App From Draining Your Phone’s Battery

Considering our phones often double as our lifelines, a low battery signal can tend to be a real bummer. And while it depends on each individual’s usage, more often than not, the Facebook app tends to be the culprit behind this dilemma. That’s why Asurion’s very own Tech Expert Erica Johnson suggested a few quick settings adjustments (which were recently featured in Inc., Complex and Cosmopolitan) that can help reduce your phone’s battery usage:

  1. Turn Off Auto Play for Facebook Videos – If you’ve noticed in your Facebook feed, video content is king but auto downloading all those cute puppy videos your friends have shared will drain your battery. To turn off, go to Facebook, Settings, Videos & Photos and select “Never Autoplay Videos”
  2. Location Settings and App Refresh – If you have not turned off location settings or background app refresh, the app will be using your battery and updating quite frequently, draining your battery. At a minimum, select “While using app” to see if you experience improvements.
  3. Manage Apps Using Facebook – Do you play games or use Apps on your phone that use Facebook as a login? Go to your phone’s “Settings;” select Facebook, and you will see a list of all the apps you are allowing to use your Facebook account.   Sometimes those apps ping Facebook to verify you or complete actions based on whatever permissions you set (Instagram checking your Facebook friends to suggest them to you, apps logging you into their service by pinging the account verification through your Facebook app) and those working in the background can start up Facebook’s services in the meantime.
  4. Turn Off App Notifications – Yes, managing your notifications can help manage your battery.

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